Question about scholarship.

<p>On the UC application, there is a huge list of scholarship stuff. Do I just pick the ones that I may be considered for? Which scholarships provide a full ride?</p>


<p>You pick only the ones that apply to you. I think there's a limit of 15 or 16 that you can choose. I don't think any one of them provides a full ride, though you can end up with just that if you get many of them (or if you get Regents, given that you have need for a full ride).</p>

<p>So Regents is only need based? And it should be a lot harder for OOSers to get scholarship than Californians, right?</p>

<p>The criteria for Regents (as far as I know) does not include where you live. I'm an international Regents myself, and I know many OOSers. However there's absolutely no question that the majority of Regents (like the majority of Cal students) are from California. I'm pretty sure that the percentage of OOSers is higher within Regents though.</p>

<p>You can see details of how the Regents process works here: Scholarships</a> Prizes Honors
The merit amount you get is need based (in that if you don't have need you just get a $1000 honourarium. However, if you do have financial need then the award will cover that. The decision of who gets the award is purely merit based though.</p>

<p>Regents isn't need-based. To get the scholarship, it's merit-based. But the amount you get is need-based.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info. As for Regents, is there something that I need to select in the scholarship category to be considered? I just selected stuff that matches me, e.g. Academic major: Mathematics, biological or physical sciences</p>

<p>Judging from the link k_twin posted, it seems that there isn't a separate option for Regents.</p>

<p>Everyone who applies to Cal is automatically considered for Regents (including Junior Transfers).</p>