Question about St Andrews application for Joint Degree Programme with William & Mary

<p>I am probably going to apply for the Joint Degree program through St. Andrews. The St. Andrew's Common App had the following:

University of St Andrews and the College of William and Mary
For additional information regarding this St Andrews / William and Mary joint degree programme please click here. </p>

<p>☐I am applying ONLY to the joint degree programme. I understand my application will NOT be reviewed for general admission to the University of St Andrews. </p>

<p>☐I am applying to the joint degree programme in addition to the University of St Andrews. I understand that my information may be shared with the College of William and Mary. I wish to apply to the following chosen specialism: </p>

☐International Relations


<p>So I was wondering, if I check off the first box saying I am applying to ONLY the joint degree program, how do I tell them whih discipline I want? It seems like the check bozes for the specific disciplines are part of the second option about being considered for both the program and the school itself. Can I check off the first box and then heck off one of the specialties?</p>

<p>They must have changed it since last year (the first year it was offered) which is when my daughter applied -- she applied for the Joint Programme and had to choose a specialty. It sounds like now it's either: joint programme OR joint programme and St Andrews (which is where you're asked to choose a specialty). </p>

<p>Out of curiosity -- do they still require a 1500 word essay? Good thing you're starting now. D started hers about 7 hours before it was due.</p>

<p>Have you heard any feedback from students in the joint programme? Sounds great but I always wonder about something that new. Good luck.</p>

<p>We have consulted with our colleagues at St Andrews and they provided us the following information:</p>

<p>•All applicants need to check their preferred area of study whether they are applying only to the Joint Programme or to the Joint Programme and St Andrews.</p>

<p>Hope this helps</p>

<p>Thank you so much! I'm actually leaning back towards applying through W&M again, but this will definitely be helpful to others (or if I change my mind yet again ;P)</p>