Question about towels and laundry for college freshman son

<p>Ok, this is insignificant, but I have to make a decision about things to send to college soon with freshman son.</p>

<p>Has anyone used those laundry detergent sheets? One sheet you throw in the washer instead of measuring out soap powder or liquid. How do they work? I'm wondering if this would be more convenient for son to use for his laundry.</p>

<p>The other thing is how many bath towels does your son have at college? At home, he thinks he has to use a different towel every time he bathes. At college, this is going to collide with how often he will want to do laundry. I am wondering what other young men have arrived at concerning this question.</p>

<p>Yes, I could leave these questions to him to solve (not even on his radar), but I have so little left that I can do for him (besides write tuition checks), I cling to the few small things that remain. :-)</p>

<p>I haven't tried detergent sheets, but you might consider that the advantage of liquid detergent is that it can be poured on a spot, rubbed in and used instead of a stain remover such as Shout.</p>

<p>Never heard of detergent sheets - interesting. I sent son to college with 2 sets of sheets and 2 sets of towels and that seemed to work out just fine. Trust me - he will figure this stuff out.</p>

<p>That is a good point about being able to use liquid as a stain remover. It makes me think I should move to a liquid at home. :-)</p>

<p>My sons took two towels. Have no idea how often they washed them. Don't want to know. I figure if he's capable of getting a college degree, he's capable of figuring out the laundry.</p>

<p>Let him call you to enquire when the time comes, a good way to get a call out of him.</p>

<p>S used detergent sheets last summer when he lived in a dorm for several weeks while attending a summer program at UT. He loved them, but said that for extra large or extra dirty loads two sheets were needed.</p>

<p>My S loves the Purex laundry sheets.</p>

<p>MIssouriGal, your S probably won't have room for storing or drying more than two bath towels in his dorm room. Two is plenty and my S would argue one towel is more than adequate. Just put S on a plane this morning for a long internship and once again had to talk him into packing the second towel.</p>

<p>I just picked up some 'Method' liquid laundry detergent at Target for son to take to college. It's in a small bottle (one bottle does 25 loads) and it says on the outside "4 pumps per load. I have no idea how well it cleans (will have to try at home) but I figure it would be easy to carry to the laundry room and the instructions are clearly written on the bottle:)</p>

<p>I'm only sending 2 towels with son. There's just not going to be enough places to dry more than that. Son has also gotten into the very bad habit lately of using a new towel every time he takes a shower - trying to break him of that this summer.</p>

<p>I sent my son with several new towels to college. Came home with a couple of completely different raggy ones! Most boys when they first go to college could care less just how clean things are, trust me, it won't be like it is at home at all, no matter what you do.
My son used a lot of Febreez. I will say now that he is older things are much better, still not up to "mom" standards, but better.</p>

<p>D was the envy of her dorm floor because we left her with the detergent-fabric softener sheets. She liked them--easy to transport laundry stuff and no detergent spilling around the dorm room. Of course, there is the cost issue...</p>

<p>I am sending the Purex sheets and 2 gray towels with S to college. (brain trouble this morning - is it gray or grey?) I have used the Purex sheets for out of town baseball tourneys and they work great. The dryer sheet is built right in - sounds simple. I suppose I also need to send some stain remover. At home I use the spray bottle of Oxi Clean, but I don't think S would want a huge spray bottle. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Does OxiClean come in a stick like deodrant?</p>

<p>The first time DS came home he brought back his 2 blue bath towels and traded them for 2 garish beach towels. Not only were they bigger, but he wanted something that no one else would grab.</p>

<p>I thought that made a lot of sense.</p>

<p>Also he got a kick out of the ShamWoWs I packed, but who knows if they were ever used.</p>

<p>I sent two sets of sheets and two bath towels and two wash cloths off with S1 and will do the same with S2. Told them to buy detergent, fabric sheets and a Stain stick. One complaint that S1 had is that the washers are filthy in the dorm. He called and said his white tees were all dingy. I told him to get some Brite White or Oxy booster and add it to the wash and that helped slightly, but you should have seen how gray my washing machine water was when he came home that first Christmas and I "rewashed" his clean tees. Yuck. He so appreciates his semi-annual trips home just to "whiten" his tshirts and socks. Makes me appreciate that I don't have to use dorm washers or laundromats. I remember when my washer broke several years ago and i was waiting for delivery on a new washer. I did a couple loads at the local laundromat and sure enough everything came out dingy. I would never, ever send white sheets or towels off to college. Go for the alreadly "dingy" colors LOL. Once S1 moved off campus he started using the laundry service at the local laundromat. I'm not sure if they use different washers and dryers but the dingy factor is somewhat diminished. S2 is going to struggle because he is definitely a clean towel and clean clothes all the time, every day kind of kid unless his older brother who tends toward the homeless look and has learned to live with dingy and dirty. S2 is going to be crying in his soup or spending a fortune on laundry.</p>

<p>even tho i love to shop for this stuff, I am considering sending S off with some of our old towels and treating MYSELF to some new ones! and we are packing the Purex sheets. I am positive not enough laundry will be done at school for the cost issue to play a significant role! i think all of us "newbies" will be suprised at how resourceful our kids will be, and what tricks they will learn from each other. as long as MY kid isn't the "EEEWWW" kid, I'm okay with whatever he does.</p>

<p>I think S went to college with 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and 2 washcloths. They were an ugly teal color but they were on clearance at BB&B, S could have cared less what color they were and this way we figured no one else would grab them. He took one set with him on semester abroad and left them there when he came home (he needed room to pack souveniers) so we might have to buy some more.</p>

<p>FYI, if your kid is going to study abroad in Europe they will probably travel around a lot on weekends, and hostels don't usually provide sheets or towels. S brought a "camp towel" which was really thin but absorbed a ton of water. He also brought a silk sleeping bag liner with attached pillow cover - it fit in a tiny little carry bag and he used it in place of sheets in the hostels. (Neither was cheap but he said both were very useful and "worth it." We got them at EMS - Eastern Mountain Sports). </p>

<p>He usually brings a bottle of Tide liquid (the 2x or 3x concentrated kind) to campus. He's living in his frat house, which has their own washers. He's learning domestic things.... one of the washers broke and one of the engineering majors in the house fixed it, but then it broke again and they had to buy a new one. Valuable life lessons.</p>

<p>From S's experience, I can pretty much guarantee that laundry will be done infrequently--sheets changed for parents weekend and maybe not again, underwear worn a second time inside out--you get the picture. Your S will soon decide that since that he is only using his bath towels on a clean body, they they never need washing at all. It's really best not to ask or even think about any of this-ignorance truly is bliss.</p>

<p>My only concern with detergent sheets would be that the machines are sometimes front loaders that take less detergent and clothes could end up soapy (that's a dingyness cause right there). Maybe they can be torn to size? D uses liquid Wisk, the 3x concentrated kind that comes in a smallish bottle, and can then adjust the amount used for smaller loads. Her main issue with the machines at college is dryers that don't have a delicate setting, something most of her non-denim clothes need. For females I also recommend avoiding taking any "lay flat to dry" stuff--there's just no room to do it.</p>

<p>If you pick an unusual color or pattern, you may actually get the same towels back.</p>