Question for Helpful UVA student

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<p>I'll be transferring to UVA in the Fall (yay!) & am trying to plan out some possible schedule scenarios prior to orientation. I've only been to UVA once without doing a tour or anything of the buildings. My question is: Is it possible to have classes in Bryan, New Cabell & McLeod all with 10 minute breaks in between? I know there are buses but I'm clueless to the schedules right now. Do most classes start right on time? I hate schelpping in late. If some trusty UVA person like hazelorb, et al had any advice I'd really appreciate it.</p>


<p>Bryan and New Cabell are right next to each other. McLeod is a short walk; you can easily do it in ten minutes.</p>

<p>Bryan and New Cabell are right next to each other and practically connected, so you should have no problem getting between the two of them in even 2 minutes. McLeod's a little farther but you should be able to get from there to New Cabell with no problem (although it might be a little tight).</p>

<p>In addition, if it turns out that one of your classes (ie. the one from McLeod to New Cabel) makes you late, just change your schedule. The first week of classes is nicknamed "class shopping" for a reason ;)</p>

<p>Hey Thanks Everybody!</p>

<p>Now I'm relaxing more:)</p>

<p>hey a fall transfer as well yay..</p>

<p>So are you making your schedule before orientation???
I thought we were doing it at transfer orientation. I'm thinking maybe I should start too before classes fill up if they haven't already.</p>

<p>Hi - </p>

<p>I'm just browsing the class selections so I would have some idea before orientation. As far as I know we enroll at orientation - woo!</p>