Question for male cadets

Being a male at the Coast Guard academy are there any issues you might have toward the female cadets such as perceived sexual harassment or lack of teamwork? Obviously the female cadets are physical inferior to the males so are there issues with the females pulling their own weight?

I recommend you concentrate on yourself and then think back to this moment the first time you get ace’d on the Physical Fitness Exam by an “inferior.” SB - Member, USCGA Athletic Hall of Fame

Ummmm…dream on.

It sounds like you shouldn’t be looking into attending USCGA if that’s the attitude you have. Not all of the the females are “physical inferior” (at least please have correct grammar if you’re going to be sexist) to the males and a huge part of attending service academies is having a high sense of honor and integrity, not pointing fingers at people who supposedly aren’t pulling their weight. If an individual isn’t doing as much work as everyone else, it’s your job to work as a team to make up for them and encourage them to improve. I agree completely with Fairwinds’ comment.