Question for W&M Admissions about Admitted Students Day and random

<p>Hey there you lovely people at W&M! I was just wondering about something...</p>

<p>I was admitted to the college and I really want to visit with my mom (already went once with dad), and the admitted students day would obviously be the ideal time to make said visit! But unfortunately, I will be abroad in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy that Spring break weekend with ACIS. I was planning on visiting this upcoming weekend...April 11th to be more precise. Can I still participate in the typical welcome day activities like tours, and speak with financial officers and such? And would I be able to see some typical dorm rooms and things like that? At the very least I'll spend some time with a current freshman on campus that I am friends with and have her show me around :) </p>

<p>Another thing...I wanted to buy a new laptop for college. Is there a certain preference amongst students or professors...for example do most run Windows or use Apple software? I know the typical setup is a Mac and I'll probably be following that path. As far as I am aware, W&M has a Mac store or something of the sort on campus... would one be cheaper there or would I just be better off buying my own?</p>

<p>Thanks so much! I can't tell you enough how amazing it is that you guys check CC and promptly respond to all of our questions...I give you all an A+ for your excellent communication with all the students who flock with questions :) See you in a week!</p>

<p>Since April 11th is a Monaday you can participate in a Admitted Students a "myWM Monday":</p>

<p>"If you can't make it to campus for our Day for Admitted Students, we invite you to one of our myWM Mondays where prospective students will get a first-hand look at a day in the life of a William & Mary student. Admitted students will shadow a current student for the day attending classes and going to lunch in a campus dining hall. Parents will meet with admission and financial aid counselors and participate in a student and administrator panels. Students and parents will come back together for a campus tour."</p>

<p>More Info:
William</a> & Mary - myWM Mondays</p>

<p>As for the PC vs MAC debate:
There is no preference of platform. That depends on you (personally I prefer mac).</p>

<p>Here is a small thread concerning the computer topic:
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks a lot :) I heard Monday was the day to go and I didn't remember why! I'll also be there for Coronation Day :D I appreciate the help.</p>

<p>Yes, if you can't make Day for Admitted Students, a myWM Monday is the way to go. We'll match you with a current student for the day so you can go to lunch/class/etc and your parents can hear from students, administrators, financial aid officers and everyone takes a tour.</p>

<p>We do ask that if at all possible, people private message us if they need access to admitted student sites (such as Day for Admitted Students or myWM Mondays or the welcome site) just so we can keep those sites private and accessible only to admitted students. We can also give you those sites if you call our office.</p>

<p>Have the dates been announced yet for this year's "myWM Mondays" in April? Thanks.</p>

<p>Not yet. Our Day for Admitted Students, our primary admitted student event is Saturday, April 14. There will likely be myWM Mondays on 3 of the 4 Mondays in April.</p>