Question for W&M Admissions

<p>We toured W&M in 2008 when my son was looking at colleges. While my son did not apply, my daughter fell in love with the school. There are no tours and info sessions at the end of August this year, which is the only time she has for college visits this summer. We are planning to visit the school again in the beginning of November. When will the fall visit schedule be released and will she have an opportunity to have an interview at that time? My daughter has very strong stats but is an OOS female so she is hoping for the best!</p>

<p>New student orientation starts on August 20th. That is why no tours the end of August.</p>

<p>We do not offer tours between August 20 and August 29 because of orientation and the beginning of classses. We will offer tours again beginning August 30 if that coincides with your planned visit.</p>

<p>The fall tour schedule will be available by August 1. We will be offering tours on weekdays throughout November and we will likely be offering one or two Fall Focus Saturdays in November.</p>

<p>Unfortunately interviews are not offered during the academic year because our interviewers are current students and they are not available when classes are in session. If your daughter can't interview she will not be disadvantaged in the review process because interviews are optional.</p>