Question List for a visit to a Film Production Program

<p>My son just finished his 8th visit to a film production program. He has come up with a great list of questions. Would anyone like to add any others?</p>

<li>How many spots for freshman (not easy to find in online or printed material)</li>
<li>How many applicants do you get for those spots?</li>
<li>Do Freshman get to participate in production, or do they have to fulfill other requirements first?</li>
<li>Who owns the rights to the student films?</li>
<li>Who pays for the student films?</li>
<li>Are there extra charges for film, insurance, processing, etc...</li>
<li>What kind of equipment is available?</li>
<li>Is there competition for equipment?</li>
<li>If students pay for their own films, how much are people spending on top of tuition and fees?</li>
<li>Where do your graduates work?</li>
<li>Is there help submitting to film festivals?<br></li>
<li>How many people submit to festivals?</li>
<li>Can everyone make a senior or thesis film or is that limited?</li>

<p>Would anyone like to add more?</p>

<p>Great comprehensive list.</p>

<p>internship opportunities, how far away</p>

<p>exchange programs to Europe, or LA </p>

<p>departmental mix/emphasis on film/video/TV/web/etc.</p>

<p>Great questions. I'd also suggest--</p>

<li><p>Speaking of internship opportunities-- which entertainment, production or artists representation companies come to your program to recruit? Can you give examples? Does this ever lead to employment after graduation?</p></li>
<li><p>Can you talk about your alumni network--who they are and if the department hosts events to connect successful film industry alums to current students?</p></li>

<p>*Any no-no's in the supplemental film application--things that are seen too often and/or do not impress?</p>

<p>*What do current students find the most exciting and worthwhile part of your program?</p>

<p>*What, if anything, are you working to improve?</p>

<p>I think film should be separated from art forum. since I am a fan of few film posters I'd check in then want to say something without no knowledge in film program whatsoever</p>

<p>I would ask how late and during weekends cafeteria is open. and any comfort food source in the campus middle of the night if the school is middle of nowhere and kids aren't driving.
when I worked bit theater sort, what kept kids going is plenty snacks when 2, 3 in the morning just one more push to finish something.
I was intrigued by Pomona (LAC) just because they offer dairy night snacks, and death of chocolate festival.
and dear madbean, UCLA's vending machines' contents are kind of sad for the world's best-est U!!</p>

<p>good grief... I added a list of a gazillion questions and they disappeared... * * p o o f * *</p>

<p>rats, digmedia. Try again. Love to read them.</p>

<p>b&d, I'll get right on the restocking of UCLA vending machines. They should all have Pocky, dark chocolate M&Ms and Diet Coke. That's healthy, right? You're right about proper snacks. make the world go 'round.</p>

<p>Which programs were most impressive in his search?</p>

<p>He is applying to USC, NYU, Chapman, LMU and Emerson. Those were the ones he liked best. I also like UT-Austin a lot, but the size of the school (around 50,000) was more than he wanted. FSU has a great program- but he didn't like Talahassee, and didn't want to have to go 7 semesters of film after one full year of general studies. I think those were the top of the list for him.</p>

<p>Just curious maddenmd - how is your son reporting his finished films and film festivals on his common app - not talking about the arts supplement just the regular common app. I too have a filmmaker and we are struggling to figure out where it is appropriate to list his film awards (well acceptance into some film festivals, hoping he will place...) did you list them with academic awards? Feels like it should be more prominent than just an EC? Good luck to your son, he is applying to the top film schools! After investigating many of those schools, my son decided upon a film major within an LAC so he is still coming up with his list while working on the common app - the arts supplement is much more straight forward!</p>

<p>He did two things: listed 2 under EC (other for category) and in the writing section under additional information he attached a resume.</p>

<p>thanks and good luck to your son!</p>

<p>To yours, too. Let us know where he decides to apply. I'd be interested in hearing his list.</p>

<p>maddenmd - following up an old discussion and looking forward to hearing where your son will end up. After a thorough investigation and intense thought process, mine decided not to pursue film conservatories and luckily he was accepted ED to Columbia University and plans to attend as a film major (undergrad it is more of a film studies/writing focus but many opportunities to get production experience). If you are interested I am now permitted to share his list and his approach as to how/why he created his list</p>

<p>Congratulations to you son! What a great school- in a great city- and getting in ED! You must be very proud. Please congratulate him for me. My son applied to 5 schools and has heard from one so far: LMU, where he was admitted to the film program. He should hear from Emerson this week, then Chapman, USC and NYU in the spring. Thanks for your interest.... I'll be sure to post where he decides to attend.
If you are willing to send your and his thought processes, I"m sure it would help others in their thinking through their own deliberations and decisions. I know I'm interested to hear. Thanks for the update.</p>

<p>itsthattime: Wooohoooo....!! That's a great program and now all of the angst is over and your son can relax while everyone else waits anxiously. The film program at Columbia has some outstanding graduates, including Henry Alex Rubin and Dana Adam Shapiro, who directed Murderball, which won the Audience Award at Sundance.</p>

<p>Congrats, too, to maddenmd, on her son's acceptance into LMU. I suspect there'll be lots of other good news ahead.</p>

<p>Congratulations maddenmd & S! Woot! Hope you and he feel encouraged and rewarded for all the hard work. LMU has an ideal location near the beach and the film major is awesome.</p>

<p>Congrats also going out to itsthattime and your S's terrific outcome. It's such a relief to get an early answer from the school you most want.</p>

<p>Thanks Madben! You have been so very supportive. He got another acceptance today to Emerson! Both are terrific programs. And he still has three more to hear from in the spring. But we know he is going somewhere- and somewhere great whatever he chooses.</p>

<p>Maddenmd, congrats to both you and your son for LMU and Emerson (so far..). His hard work is really paying off!</p>

<p>thank you allfor the good wishes. My son is indeed thrilled - I really do not remember seeing him this light and pleasant in a long time!
Congrats to Maddenmd and your son - two great film acceptances so far! He will have a tough choice to make come spring. Did your son apply to the honors program at Emerson?</p>

<p>My son's list included Emerson and he did apply EA (withdrew application) - he liked the school's film opportunities and he has many friends who are going or who have just gotten accepted but it is not a true liberal arts school (no lab sciences for example) so he felt it was not what he was really looking for.
We did spend a very long day at Tisch as well and while impressed with the facilities, it was not really what he wanted for undergrad.
The other schools that did make it to his final list are all places he could pursue both film and another major. All these schools had a commitment to the arts, some more than others, and a few even built or are building new film centers.
Johns Hopkins
U of Rochester
Newhouse (syracuse)

<p>The only film conservatory that made it to the end was USC - he was completely intrigued by the pedigree of this school and the internship possibilities (and the challenge of getting accepted since the take so few!) but ultimately decided not to apply as he really wants to double major in a science and it would have been difficult to do that .</p>

<p>We looked at and/ore considered a lot of additional schools so if you have any questions about any particular schools, let me know</p>

<p>Congratulations to you both!</p>

<p>Itsthatime, your list is intriguing. Do any of the schools on the list above plan an animation component in their new programs? My son is also set on a full university experience (he loves history and science) with digital arts/production focus. He's In at LMU so far (hooray!), waiting to hear from Chapman and USC. In researching schools, He found very few animation programs with the balance you describe...</p>