<p>i was accepted to first year engineering, and was wondering how competitive it was. in what ways are the classes weed out? i know they admit about 1750 FYE students each year, but how many of those survive freshman year and actually go on to the individual schools of engineering?</p>

<p>FYE is very easy. Weedout doesn't happen until sophomore year.</p>

<p>sorry to but in, but does purdue only accept 1750 FYE students? out of how many though?</p>

<p>Purdue accepts everyone. No joke.</p>

<p>no seriously, really? it says purdue accepts 79% of its applicants...thats not everyone...seriously hope i get in.</p>

<p>79% is for the entire university. I'm sure engineering is much lower. It's still not too hard though. Purdue is looking to make it's app more difficult in the next few years I think.</p>

<p>Yeah their engineering program wouldn't be having a 79% accepance... Wouldn't be surprised if they put the standards higher on that program a long with Nursing , Pharmacy.</p>