Questions about Data Science

Hey everyone, I’m a senior in high school, and I have a question about data science majors at UCSB and UC Davis. I got accepted into both of them, and I’m just wondering which of these universities is the most competitive in terms of the strength of their data science program. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

For UCD and UCSB, the Data Science program is under the Statistics Department.
No Undegrad rankings, but for Graduate program rankings US News has UC Davis at 31 and UC Santa Barbara at 67 if you are into their rankings.

I would look over each school curriculum to determine which would be the better fit for your academic and career objectives.

UCSB 4 year plan:

UCD 4 year plan:

My older son attended UCD and one of his best friends majored in Stats although not specifically Data science (new emphasis added later). He was highly recruitable for internships and eventually post graduation. He is currently working in the bay area and making a great living.

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