Questions about Duke admissions

<p>I know that First Quarter Grade reports are important...
but, anyone know how really much they matter??
I am kinda worried..</p>

<p>Some colleges require you to report first quarter grades for early action or early decision. Otherwise, they have little or no importance. Majority of colleges (including most public universities) base regular admission on grades through junior year and use senior year grades only to withdraw an admission already given. A large minority, including most of your high ranked private universities, require mid-year reports after first semester providing first semester grades, and those end of the semester grades are used in determining admission but not mid-semester (first quarter) grades. Many high schools do not even put quarter grades on your official transcript sent to colleges. For regular admission, Duke requires a mid-year report of first semester grades and uses those but not quarter grades. Duke also requires quarter grades for early decision but not otherwise.</p>