Questions about Lincoln Center and Gabelli Global Business Honors

During this long wait until decisions, my D and I have been taking another look at some of the schools she applied to but didn’t visit. Fordham LC/Gabelli Honors (Global Business/Finance concentration) is definitely the one that we both have the most questions about.

In terms of LC itself, I keep hearing mixed reviews. Can anyone share more about the social life at LC? We know it’s small and not known for having tons of school spirit or parties, but I’d love to hear more about the students. She wants to be surrounded by friendly, bright, motivated peers who take school seriously, but are not overly competitive. Would LC be a likely fit?

She applied because of the Honor’s program, but she feels it might be “light” in terms of math/statistics. Is this a valid concern? How rigorous and well-regarded is the program? Quality of profs/classes? Internships? Career/job placement?

The Global Business program seems to have a more pre-prof vibe than the typical liberal arts program. Is this an accurate perception?

I look forward to hearing your experiences with LC and/or Global Business.

I will post in hope of encouraging others to respond as I am also interested in this topic.

My son has been accepted into the same program but at Rose Hill. In February at Accepted Students Day, we were able to sit and talk for an hour with Dean Dunn, the head of the program. He was a great to talk with and very receptive to questions and concerns. My oldest daughter, already graduated from Fordham’s gabelli school of Business at Rose Hill in 2018. Its was a fabulous experience !

Our son that is a senior now, is an exceptional student, as your daughter. He was accepted into Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Services which houses their Global Economy/business major. If you could, I would ask for your daughter to be transfered to the Rose Hill campus, because it is a more typical college experience. My daughter who has graduated lived at LC for 2 separate summers while interning in NYC. She like it but always said that Rose Hill was truly a great college atmosphere, whereas LC is more artsy and “real world”. Good luck with everything,

@ddc: Interesting thought. Probably depends upon the individual, however, as some might crave the Lincoln Center location.

Wouldn’t Lincoln Center be closer to most internships than Rose Hill ?

How many students are housed at Lincoln Center ?

Are they all in the same program ?

@Publisher : Yes it would be a personal choice as to reside in a high rise in NYC or reside in a traditional dorm on a picturesque and green college campus.

Due to the Ram Van as well as Metro North - it is very easy for students to go between both campuses.

My oldest, lived at Rose Hill and kept her intership 1 day a week in NYC at Discovery Channel throughout senior year and then was hired when she graduated. Most of her Gabelli friends did the same.

The housing at LC is more apartment style with 4 to 6 apartment mates and is fine - as my daughter lived there 2 summers in a row.

I believe the Global Business Honors students are all in the same program according to Dean Dunn. They will flip flop to each location for classes throughout the 4 years they are together, However, I would like to point out that the Dean of Gabelli as well as Dean Dunn are both located at Rose Hill in the Gabelli School of Business main building.

As to your question as to the “rigor” of the program, we were concerned as well, and Dean Dunn assured us that most of their program classes are going to be taught by graduate school professors as some by the Dean of Gabelli as well. For example, Microeconomics will by Honors Microeconomics. Only students in the program can take that class - therefore, they are only in class with their similar high level students, not the regular pool of students. However, given our past experience with Fordham, the students pretty much are very intelligent and focused young people that do very well after graduation!

You can email me further at if you would like to chat further…Given this coronavirus situation, it might be good for potential members of the program to talk with each other to see if they like who they might be going to school with in the fall!

Thank you for your response @ddc. Very helpful.

My opinion is that Fordham University is a bit underrated by US News. The business honors program is intriguing. Seems as though the students admitted to Fordham Gabelli Global Business Honors have impressive options from other schools as well. Do you happen to know the average stats of those admitted to Gabelli Global Business Honors at Fordham University ?

I agree Fordham is underrated…I wish I knew that exact stats, but my son had a 1510 SAT and has a 4.6 GPA and is ranked third in his class at a private Catholic high school. He is also well rounded. Like I mentioned before, he was also accepted into Georgetown’s SFS, UCONN Honors, and BC - so far. I would believe that the others asked to the program are similar academically.

@ddc so is your son definitely going to Fordham or is he still deciding? My son is trying to decide between Fordham Gabelli & UCONN business…not honors program but still a very smart, well-rounded kid! You seem to know quite a bit about Fordham and we are really struggling not being able to visit the schools. We live on Long Island so my husband thinks Fordham is too close & won’t be a “real” college experience for my son; in addition my son is very athletic and we are concerned that Fordham will not be enough “rah rah” with their athletics. In addition, Fordham does seem to be a little underrated in the rankings. Can you share your thoughts on any of these points? Thank you!

TO be honest with you my son was accepted to Fordham Global Business Honors, UCONN Business Honors, Georgetown and BC so far. We reside in CT and I happen to be a UCONN business school grad. We also have a lot of people we know at UCONN currently. From my experience with my oldest, a Fordham Business grad - the opportunities and network is amazing. My niece who is a senior at the UCONN business Honors program had to ask my daughter for contacts for an investment banking internship last summer. She actually connected with one of my daughter’s professors who got her an internship at Black Rock Capital. She will be working there full time after graduation. UCONN alumni do tend to help each other - Fordham’s network is much better. It might be due to location…NYC?? In regards to my son, he is waiting on 2 more this week and then he will make his choice… Hope my info helps!

Thank you @ddc! I was sort of leaning towards Fordham but my son is leaning towards UConn. Given the financial difference between them he may be the wiser one of us. Please let us know what your son decides!

@pjps1969 - I guess my point was that Fordham might be a good investment since its alumni network is much better especially if you want to major in business than UCONN. Sometimes lower price tag (UCONN) doesn’t always equate to a better return. …Good luck!

I’m revisiting this thread to see if anyone else might have more input re: Gabelli GBH program. My D20 has been accepted to Global Business Honors at Rose Hill. Does anyone have any thoughts/concerns about Fordham’s ability to maintain the quality of this program in light of all current events? For example, the current semester’s abroad experience to China was cancelled (understandably so). Any other thoughts/concerns current members of the program might be having right now? Thank you so much.

Current GHBP student here…

Nobody is questioning whether the program will continue. The trip to China was postponed - we have been promised a ‘make up’ trip next year but obviously nobody knows what that will look like yet.

Besides, there is much more to GBHP than just the trips so even if those continue to be affected by corona, nobody has any doubt GBHP will continue.

Hope I answered your question but let me know if there is anything else you would like more info on.

@FGSB2021 Thanks for the reply! We do understand there is a lot more to the program than the trips abroad. I was trying to get a feel for what the thoughts are “on the ground” so to speak as to whether there might be any other types of degradation of program opportunities because of the fallout from the current crisis. Lack of funding for various opportunities or even faculty salaries? Also, if one assumes most of the next few years will be online coursework, how might that change the benefits of the program? My daughter is very excited about the honors coursework and the small cohort with the focus on business. I just worry about the possibility classes will not be on campus for a good amount of time, which might diminish the benefits of the program. How are online classes going for the current cohort of students? Are internship and job offers being rescinded? These are the things we are wondering.

Those are all fair questions and they are all things that we are all thinking about.

I have little to no doubt that even if classes continue online next semester and beyond (which we are all hoping is not the case), the GBHP cohorts will continue to take honors classes together. I am an upperclassman so I don’t take as many honors classes anymore (they are most heavily concentrated in the first couple years) but everything is continuing as normal. Nothing can directly replace in-person classes but all of the professors are doing their best to maintain the same quality of learning.

As far as I am aware, very few internship and job offers are being rescinded. Many are being pushed back or made virtual but most firms are not cancelling altogether.

As to the benefits of the program being diminished, I cannot say for sure. Alumni and upperclassmen in the program will continue to support the underclassmen (I cannot stress the importance of this) and even if classes are virtual for a while, I cannot see why the program would be discontinued. Especially without the international trips, I don’t think cutting funding to GBHP would produce significant cost-savings. To be honest, this is not something that has even crossed my mind and I imagine most others feel the same way.

I can confidently say that if classes are online for a while, the biggest blow to GBHP would come on the social side of things. Many of my closest friends are from my cohort and having an immediate group of friends when arriving to campus was invaluable.

Fingers crossed that we are all back on campus soon and things will continue as normal!

Hope I covered everything…

@FGSB2021 Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I appreciate it very much. Stay safe!

@amsunshine Hi! I’m a prospective GBHP applicant ('25). I thought that the global business program is only offered at the LC campus. If you don’t mind me asking, how did your D20 apply to the program at Rose Hill? What major did she select on her Fordham application? Thanks so much!

The program is offered on both campuses. My D20 applied to Rose Hill, and the major she selected was applied accounting and finance, if I recall correctly.

Thank you so much! That’s the same major I was interested in, actually. Do I just select applied accounting and finance, or do I have to indicate my interest in the program somewhere else on the application? Since global business isn’t a major at Rose Hill, how would they know that I am interested in the program?

^sorry, that was for @amsunshine