Questions from a First Year

<p>Hello, I will be a first year soon in the E-School, and I had a few concerns/questions about some basic things.</p>

<li><p>I will be in Dillard dorms, and I was wondering if my single would be so small that a mini-fridge would be make my room too crowded. I want a mini-fridge and think it would be useful but I've heard Gooch/Dillard dorms are smaller than others, so I started to re-think about buying one.</p></li>
<li><p>When do we exactly buy textbooks? I have been to orientation and was able to get most of the classes I wanted. For the classes I DID get, should I go ahead and purchase the textbooks now? Or should I attend the class first to see if I like it in case I need to switch out?</p></li>
<li><p>How strict are the wait-lists? If I get wait-listed for a class and a spot does not ever open up, would a professor still let me take them?</p></li>
<li><p>What is the general rule on internet usage in terms of content? I do NOT plan to watch pornography, but I might play some online games from time to time. I could not find much in the responsible computing handbook that relates to online games. The only thing that comes remotely close was a mention about not using too much bandwidth.</p></li>

<p>I will appreciate any input.</p>

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<li>oh man you are funny. everyone i know watched porn, no one cares. i’m sure there are WoW players too. As long as you don’t use up your bandwidth, or send out pictures of yourself (see [url=&lt;a href=“ITSWeb Home - UVA ITS”&gt;]University</a> of Virginia Technology Policies: Statement on Obscene Material](<a href=“Google”>Google) – a kid got in some SERIOUS trouble for this recently) UVA doesn’t care.</li>

<p>Well, I watch porn now of course, seeing as no one monitors me. But I won’t be at my home network there, so in terms of content, I was not planning on watching porn there at UVa. And I was not talking about WoW, I was talking more about Call of Duty and other first player shooter type video games online which I know use a lot of bandwidth and RAM.</p>

<p>And thanks for the links, some of them were quite helpful.</p>

<li><p>Always attend the first day of class and bring a course action form if you want to take a course but haven’t gotten off the waitlist. It also doesn’t hurt to state your interest through e-mail beforehand if you really want in. Sometimes profs will expand the intended class size a bit (a seminar I took fourth-year went from 15 to 25) to accommodate more students, and they’ll register those people based on who shows up for the first class. The only time enrollment is guaranteed is if you’re in your last year and need a class to graduate, but I doubt you’ll have a problem getting into any lecture classes, since people add/drop them all the time. It’s the seminars that tend to be in high demand.</p></li>
<li><p>Anything goes except for obscenity. The only people I knew who ever got warnings for bandwidth use were using torrents.</p></li>

<p>I’m pretty sure max bandwidth is SIX standard deviations above the mean for the day. Don’t worry about your consumption. The internet is there as a service for students, use it for whatever you want.</p>