Questions from a prospective freshman

Hello everyone, I am an Asian OOS admit for CS, and am super excited at the opportunity to attend next year. I had a few questions and was hoping the members of this board could help me out.

I understand there is racial tension surrounding the campus. Is that tension reflected in student life? Minorities aren’t intentionally excluded in certain aspects, are they? To what extent would I witness this tension, if at all?

UNC has a great offering of housing, but I’m not exactly sure how the process works. Are we allowed to choose our dorm buildings as first-years? If so, when do we choose, and when do we put down our housing deposits? Which of the dorms would you say is the most social? Which has the best amenities and comforts? Which should be steered clear away from? How is greek life?

These are a lot of questions, but the answers mean a lot to me; I appreciate any help I can get on any of them. Thank you!

The racial tension isn’t on campus or even with Chapel Hill itself, it stems from a single statue that the NC government essentially forces the school to have on campus.

There is no racial tension on campus. Regarding housing, when you submit your housing application you can choose your housing preferences. Most freshman live on south campus in Ehringhaus, Craige, or Hinton James. If you are interested in Greek life then you may want to consider Granville which is close to the frat houses. The housing website will let you know when to submit your housing deposits. There is also a location on the site to search for prospective roommates.

@Mcunn226 @slngbld Thank you for your answers! I was under some false pretense that the whole statue controversy extended into the social dynamic. Glad I was wrong.

No racial tension on campus. It is pretty liberal and that you can feel on campus.