Questions on the McIntire School of Business

<p>Hi I had a few questions regarding the business school.
1.What is the average GPA they let in?
2. To those who are currently attending, how is the program?
3. How are the strengths of recruits and from around where?
4. Anything unique about it that seperates it from other business schools such as a trading system?

<li>Application</a> Process: UVa Students</li>
<li>the program is very highly ranked, it's a good program. I had a bathroommate in the program and she liked it -- it was a lot of work and a lot of groupwork too though.
3/4 no idea sorry</li>

<p>regarding #3.... a lot of great recruiters still came to uva this year. while they may be cutting back on visiting other schools, you've got a lot of big name companies actively recruiting at mcintire all the time. surf the career services section on the uva mcintire website and they should be able to show you some stats...i don't know what companies you're looking for in particular, otherwise i'd elaborate more. hope that helps!</p>