Quick question about being in the US and applying to universities in the UK

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<p>I live in the US right now and I'm a high school sophomore I was thinking about applying to some schools in the UK, how does one go about applying to British schools, I've read that they do not consider GPA and that they only care about test scores (SAT, SAT II, AP) is this true.</p>

<p>By the way I was considering Oxbridge, University of Edinburgh, and Imperial and my stats are as follows:</p>

<p>SAT- 217 PSAT
SAT II- Biology 770, plan on taking Math II and Physics
AP- World History (self-study) 5 planning on taking AP Stats, English Lang and Comp, and US History before senior year
GPA- Freshman year 3.5 W, Sophomore 4.0 W</p>

<p>Could anyone tell me some other good UK universities as well, and if I have a chance at Oxbridge, University of Edinburgh, and Imperial (sorry about turning it into a chances thread) and answer my questions above</p>


<p>Boy, how can I tell your chances if I only know 1 SAT II score and 1 AP score? </p>

<p>Anyway, answering your questions, you apply through UCAS. You can make 6 choices, with each choice consisting of the university and the course. You will also need a referee, which is the college counsellor at your HS and one personal statment, which must show your passion in your subject.</p>

<p>As I don't even know what you want to study, I can't make any useful recommendations about university choices. The good UK universities are Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial, Warwick and UCL. </p>

<p>A word of warning, it is extremely difficult to get into Oxbridge from abroad and your interview performance will make-or-break your chance. Remember to be confident and knowledgeable in your subject.</p>

my scores in physics and math II on practice tests have been 750-800</p>

<p>planning to study biology or bioengineering </p>

<p>do the universities in the uk even consider gpa, do you send them your transcript at all</p>

<p>The latest rankings show the top ten UK universities as listed below:</p>

<p>Institution Guardian score/100 </p>

<li>Oxford 95.29 </li>
<li>Cambridge 91.92 </li>
<li>Imperial College 82.27 </li>
<li>St Andrews 79.30 </li>
<li>UCL 79.17 </li>
<li>London School of Economics 78.53 </li>
<li>Edinburgh 75.15 </li>
<li>Warwick 75.01 </li>
<li>Loughborough 73.44 </li>
<li>Bath 73.43 </li>

<p>Biosciences ranking's top five:</p>

<li>Cambridge 100.00</li>
<li>Oxford 90.70</li>
<li>St Andrews 89.60</li>
<li>Warwick 89.20</li>
<li>Imperial College 87.20 </li>

<p>Link: <a href="http://browse.guardian.co.uk/education?SearchBySubject=true&FirstRow=&SortOrderDirection=&SortOrderColumn=&Subject=University+ranking&Institution=%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://browse.guardian.co.uk/education?SearchBySubject=true&FirstRow=&SortOrderDirection=&SortOrderColumn=&Subject=University+ranking&Institution=&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>UK universities do consider your GPA and the premier programs typically require a large number of APs. Your stats seem good, but you'd be best to look at the requirements for individual programs, as they all differ. Most universities in the UK require application via UCAS, but some, St Andrews for example, have expedited processes designed for foreign students.</p>

<p>I don't think St. Andrews should really be ranked in 4th place or Loughborough should number 9.</p>

<p>psmyth000: Okay. Why?</p>

<p>Guardian league tables suck. Some universities' ranks change by more than 20 places from one year to the other. I think the Times ranking is more reliable.</p>

<p>All league tables exhibit fluctuations. The most recent (2006) Sunday Times ranking has St Andrews in the top ten and Loughborough in the top twenty. This would indicate that these two sources are somewhat consistent, but also that perhaps both institutions improved over the past year.</p>

<p>I was doing some research on the date that applications are usually do for international students could someone clarify that, for instance if I'm applying for the 2009-10 school year when should my apps be sent in </p>


<p>October 15, 2008 if you're applying for Oxbridge (+ medicine, dentistry and veterinary).
January 15, 2009 for other courses. In theory though, you can wait all the way untill June 30 (and after that it's even clearing), but it's not recommended as some courses has sent out most of their offers by then.</p>

<p><a href="http://www.ucas.com/getting/deadlines/index.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.ucas.com/getting/deadlines/index.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>those deadlines don't apply to those living outside the eu</p>

<p>Well, the October 15 deadline applies to everyone. The reason why I said "in theory" you can apply untill June 30, is because that's the deadline for internationals. But as you can see, most offers are made already before May, so spaces for competitive courses will be available by then.
Remember that at many universities, the sooner you apply, the sooner you will get an offer.</p>

<p>thanks .</p>

<p>It's like a rolling application system. SO I'd suggest you get it in by November 15th or so.</p>

<p>come on guys its the guardian of course they mess up.... Guardian has a tendency to give Scottish university such as St. Andrews and Edinburgh pretty high but this year my uni (University of Warwick's econ department) was actually ranked #3 ahead of LSE and UCL I understand UCL but LSE AHAH so dont listen to Guardian for rankings and look at Sunday Times, but mostly UK university look at AP test more since it is similar to that of A-Level (ok stop with the AP vs A-Level **** I didn't say AP is hard as A-Level so please do not start this conversation again) but some look at SAT I and SAT II and GPA to see how good of a student you are but most of the time it will be on ur AP score to decide if u get a conditional or reject</p>

<p>Good UK colleges it really depends what subject you are after</p>

<p>Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and University of Warwick are good for almost everything (economics, math, physics, english)</p>

<p>LSE and Imperial are very good colleges especially in Social Science for LSE and Science for Imperial and are always ranked in the top 5</p>

<p>I always say fair play to Warwick. In only 40 years they broke into the top 10.</p>

<p>Next year you can only apply to 5 courses.
You should mostly concentrate on AP's, universities like Imperial and LSE disregard SAT scores. Some might still look at them, but AP's are more important. 3 AP's are usually the norm, as most people in the UK take 3 A-levels, but you should try to have as many as you can.
Anyways, you are just a sophomore, so don't think if applying just yet, you've still got over a year before you apply, so just chill. Just take te hardest classes you can.</p>

<p>hiya! im returning your favor! hmm let's see british schools...looks like you've been told about the earlier application date and yes, UK schools could seriously care less about EC's. kinda sad if you ask me...i'd recommend that you first take your SAT before looking around for schools since that is a HUGE part of the application process. it looks like you're on target for imperial and edinburgh (gorgeous school btw). your UW may be a little low for oxford but you've got a whole other year to bring it up so it looks like you're on track. for other schools, what are you looking to concentrate (major) in?</p>

<p>SAT's are not a huge part of the application process, it's mostly AP's, which are considered equivalent to A-levels, so you should have AT LEAST 3. GPA is in many cases disregarded, as it is internally assessed, therefore not reliable (a 3.6 in one high school might be much harder to get than a 3.6 in another high school, which means GPA can't be used to compare). You should mainly concentrate on AP's.</p>

<p>yeahcollege- biology or bioengineering</p>