Quinnipiac Class of 2025 Discussion

Does anybody know when Quinnipiac decisions start coming out? If so, is it rolling? I applied EA and OOS my Admissions Office Checklist Review was completed 11/2

Wish I knew. DS applied EA as well and his checklist was completed 10/28. Anxiously waiting here too.

My son applied EA last year and heard in mid-December, but they begin releasing decisions in the beginning of the month. So hopefully you’ll hear very soon!

I also applied EA and my checklist was completed 10/29! so I hope to hear in a couple weeks!!

My son applied EA 11/10. Haven’t heard anything yet.

Anyone know if ED decision letters have gone out yet? DS is EA but assume those will be later.

I spoke to admissions today. They said all decisions will be released early-mid January. They said they will release all on the same day.

Is that for ED or EA?

Im not sure about ED.
I told them that my daughter applied EA and was wondering when they would be releasing decisions. And she said unlike previous years, which were rolling decisions, this year will be one date release early-mid January.

Ok great! I also applied EA and i think on their website ED is December 18th so :crossed_fingers:t2:

Accepted!! I applied EA on 10/18. I got an email saying that I had a status update.

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EA not ED? I’d read EA decisions don’t start coming out until January. Thanks.

I applied EA. I was very surprised too because I thought that I wouldn’t be hearing back until January.

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Congrats!! Same here. Accepted!!

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Ok thanks. And congrats again!

DS got accepted and offered 3+1 program. Very excited over here.


Congrats! EA?

Yes, EA. Applied in late Sept.

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Anyone hear back and not get in? I’m curious if they are releasing acceptances first?