Quinnipiac Discussion 2025

Does anybody know when Quinnipiac decisions start coming out?

DS was told mid-January during his interview, but I know it’s been mid-December in years past. Hoping Covid doesn’t change things.

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im not sure… I was at a virtual open house and they said around a month after your application is complete but on my portal it says january

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January 15, ED decisions will start being rolled out

My son heard on 12/18

@anxiousmom406 congrats to your son. Was he EA or ED? How was he informed? Any merit included? What major?

thanks for sharing

I heard 12/18 EA, accepted

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I applied EA and I was accepted to the business school on 12/18 with 25k in merit (per year)

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congrats @hsgal83846 your merit was the first I’ve seen posted. Thanks for sharing

It appears that EA was released 12/18 and ED will be 1/15

He was EA. Got an email that his portal had changed and the physical packet came today. 22K merit and an invite to the 3+1 program. Journalism major. Good luck!!


I have applied EA and still haven’t heard anything

Neither have we

They don’t release them all at once. My S was notified weeks after they first started releasing decisions.

My friend’s son applied undecided, liberal arts. He is not a great student in high school (no honors courses and a lot of “B” grades.) He got $25k per year in merit. They were happily surprised.

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Has anyone who applied EA to the direct entry PA program heard back yet?

I applied EA to ELMPA as well and I have not heard back yet. Checking my portal constantly, anxiously waiting!!!

Keep checking! My S never got an email but checked every morning before getting his acceptance!

When did he hear back? They told me mid January for this year so I’m hoping I hear soon! Also is he currently enrolled in the program? What does he think?

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I think late Dec/early Jan. but it looks like they are releasing later this year. He’s an engineering major, but we’ve heard great things about all the health majors. One big downer is their food. It’s pretty abysmal and super expensive. They don’t have a swipe system, so you buy everything. The sushi and Au Bon Pain are decent, but $10+ for a meal.

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My daughter received her decision today.

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