Quote function?

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Ok…this has been happening randomly to me and I’ve noticed this on other posts others have posted. When the quote function is used…sometimes the quote doesn’t appear in a grey box. Instead it looks like this:

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The problem seems to be related to a missing newline character:

[quote=“Corinthian, post:1, topic:3613680”] Is it worth looking at the health care exchange?

Adding a newline at the end of the [quote ...] command solves the problem:

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 3.12.11 PM

This is a “known limitation” of the software. In other words, they fixed the bug by documenting it. :wink:

I don’t think this is something easily fixed, unfortunately. My advice is to be careful with newlines when editing a post with a quote in it. (I can probably fix some of these by editing manually.)

There is a buggy thing I’ve noticed with the quote function. There can be no non-quoted text on the line immediately above or below the quoted text when it is in your open write/edit window. If I leave a blank line before and after the “quote” and “/quote” I avoid this issue.

This is not something that affects other forums I frequent, but when in Rome (cc) I now know to do this.

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I didn’t edit the line…I just quoted it…I think.

Trying it now, seems fine.

And again, leaving out part of the line…

It seems to work as intended for me.

I have noticed what you’ve described, @thumper1 , when I have inadvertently back spaced on the end bracket of the word [/quote] and accidentally removed the end bracket. Then it appears as you noted, because the bracket is gone.

This doesn’t happen all of the time. Usually my quotes are fine. But it does happen…and really…all I’m doing is quoting!

Can’t quote on a phone . . .


You should be able to select text that you want to quote and a button will show up to quote the text:

There should also be a speech bubble in the top left corner of the edit box which will quote whatever you are replying to.

No, the above is what I get. My choice is to copy one word, or, if I “select all” to copy every single word in the entire thread.

I also find the QUOTE feature on an iPhone is hit or miss. In my case when I highlight the text, I see the QUOTE gray box just below my highlighted text yet when I select it half the time nothing happens. The highlighted text is no longer highlighted and the QUOTE button is no longer visible. I have to try it multiple times to eventually get it to work. Occasionally I never get it to work so just copy the text and paste with quotes around it in my reply. That seems to be similar to what cinnamon is experiencing.

@CCAdminJon any response to the inability to quote using a phone?

To diagnose it, we’d need to know what version browser and phone you are using. Even then, I can’t guarantee anything.

It looks like this function was broken on older versions of iOS. I can’t say that it will solve the problem, but it never hurts to update to the latest stable version of your phone’s operating system.

The other option is to use the quote bubble icon in the editor. It should be in the top left of the icon bar that includes things like bold and italic. It sometimes hides behind the menu icon.

  1. Expand the menu bar with the menu icon.
  2. Select the quote icon to quote the post you are replying to.
  3. Edit the quote being careful to leave a newline after the [quote ...] commands.

It works!

But certainly isn’t intuitive. I have a Samsung Galaxy note22? Got it in 2022, and I use chrome.

I am on a fairly new iPhone and the latest version. The QUOTE feature continues to be hit or miss, as you can see in this post from yesterday where I just copied the text.

However, sometimes it works as expected. I haven’t determined a pattern so can’t help much with troubleshooting. I will give the quote bubble a try. Thanks.

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