Racing Deadlines

<p>Hello, this is the first question that I've actually asked on here. If there is a more suitable place that this topic belongs in, please move it and let me know for future reference....</p>

<p>I am aiming to get as high of a score as possible before admissions. To my knowledge there are 3 test dates in 2013 for the SAT (Oct. 5, Nov.2, and Dec. 7) and two for the ACT (Oct. 26 and Dec. 14). In light of the colleges and universities that I am hoping to apply to (most take them before Jan.1), when is the latest date that I can take the SAT/ACT so that the schools that I will apply to will receive the test scores in time? Since I took AP US History and Precalc last year, I will probably take the Subject Tests in those areas first. Can anybody give me some advice as to how I should go about and organize my testing schedule?</p>

<p>Go for ACT?SAT in Oct and Subject Tests in November (or maybe Dec if u are not well prepared.) This will allow you to retake SAT/ACT if you somehow ruin it!</p>

<p>BTW u are at wrong place. This sub-group is for International Students > Nepal. </p>

<p>Take care and stay safe.</p>