Randall Research Scholars Program Questions

Hi all!
I am currently a senior in high school and I am considering The University of Alabama due to its generous National Merit Scholarship package. The Randall Research Scholars Program intrigued me, and I submitted my application for its priority deadline. I am majoring in Computer Engineering, so the program sounds like a great fit.

With that being said, I have a few questions for anyone currently in the program or anyone who has been in it.
Do students involved in the program still have plenty of time to have a social life and participate in extracurricular activities? I know it is a time commitment, but I just do not know how much.
How involved are the students in the program with each other and the professors?
In general do students enjoy the experience?
Would being in this program take away from other opportunities in the classroom?
Is all research done during the fall and spring semesters?
How involved are the students in creating their own research?

Or if anyone wants to share general information on the program that would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry for asking so many questions at once, but I am extremely interested in this program, and I am hoping to get accepted into it.