Rate the schedule for sophmore year

  1. Algebra 2 Honors
  2. Spanish 3 Honors
  3. English 2 Honors
  4. Aice General Paper
  5. AP World History
  6. AP Biology
  7. AP Psychology Memorizing is one of my strong attributes, so that should help. Other than that open to what anyone has to say or advise.

I messed the title up- not more of a rate but just feedback and and advice. Thanks


3 APs sophomore year is overkill.
Have you taken honors bio and honors chem already?
What did you take freshman year and what’s your unweighted GPA?

Freshman year my schedule is:

  1. Communication Methods Honors
  2. English 1 Honors
  3. Art
  4. Spanish 2
  5. AP Environmental
  6. AP Human Geography
  7. Geometry Honors
    I have a 4.0. I haven’t taken honors chem or honors bio.

Don’t try to take AP Biology without a strong background in biology and chemistry; the class is challenging even for people who have earned acceptable (B or higher) grades in Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry.

Other than that, your schedule looks fine. I would say a 6.5/10 with AP Biology and a 6/10 without it, but honestly, you’re still a sophomore, so it would be perfectly alright if you saved AP Bio for a later year and took something more fitting for a sophomore, like AP Physics 1 or Honors Chemistry.

I’d have to agree with everyone here. Taking AP Biology without taking regular or honors Biology and Chemistry sounds like you’re going to struggle in the class. Having that foundation would really help you in AP Bio.

I would give your schedule a solid 7 out of 10. It’s pretty rigorous for a sophomore.

I understand what all of you are saying. At my school however it is usually done that accelerated kids take Environmental freshman year and take AP Bio sophmore year. I can perhaps look into taking Bio online over the summer for a foundation. As far as the chemistry I have asked a couple of people and haven’t really gotten any solid responses. What chemistry is done in AP Bio? How familiar do you have to be with it and how advanced does it get?

I did AP Bio without honors Biology or Chemistry and excelled, so it depends on the person, I think. AP Biology is more in-depth and chemistry would help with understanding the cycles and reactions, but if you pick up science quick, you should be fine.

There’s a biochemistry unit that usually comes at the beginning of AP Bio, and concepts such as pH are brought up sporadically over the course of the class, but honestly, the chemistry is pretty basic overall.

The bigger problem, in my opinion, would be a lack of a foundation in high-school level biology. Because AP Biology and AP Chemistry are designated Level 2 courses by the College Board, they are meant to be taken following introductory-level courses in their respective subjects. As such, the course is designed based on the assumption that you have knowledge of concepts that would ordinarily be present in a high school Biology 1 or Honors Biology 1 class, and expands on those concepts and processes even further, getting down to more trivial and complicated details. The course is extremely technical and conceptual, and memorization alone will not get you through the exam.

The Campbell Biology text does, however, briefly re-introduce all of the Biology/Chemistry concepts you are expected to know before taking AP, so you probably won’t be totally lost in the course, but as stated before, you will have to learn a great deal of new information on top of that, filling any potential gaps in your knowledge along the way, so I would think that a foundation in biology would be helpful so you don’t have to take in too much information for the first time at once.

Also, a lot of colleges expect biology, chemistry, and physics by the time you graduate high school, so you will have to take chemistry anyway if you want to be competitive at those colleges. (please don’t take AP Chemistry without chemistry first)

I took high school honors bio in 8th grade and am taking AP bio only now as a senior. It’s probably my hardest class atm bc I cant remember anything and have to relearn it all. But all my APs this year are easier than last yr except for apes. Apes did give me a little bg in bio though, and it’s all memorization. Psych as well. If you’re rly skilled at that memorizing things (i’m jealous pls teach me :slight_smile: you will be fine. I am doing well in bio, so as long as you read the txtbk/do your work it should be doable. 7/10 for a sophmore

Go talk to the AP Bio teacher - or could be that the way your school does it, some concepts have been integrated into APES and others are covered at the beginning of AP biology. I WOULD recommend going over biology and chemistry (Khan academy) during the summer just in case though.
Everything else is good.
Spend time on ECs. :slight_smile:

AP Bio may not be terrible without biology honors/chem. It really depends on the school. At my school, for example, while honors bio and chem are prerequisites, time is spent reviewing previous concepts over the summer/first couple weeks of school. Still, expect to study for it.

I think your schedule seems strong for a sophomore, though. AP Psych and World may be annoying at the same time, again depending on the school, but it’s up to you and what you consider your strengths and weaknesses. Best of luck!

I agree with everyone else in that AP Bio really differs from school to school. If it’s not known to be killer at your school, I’d say go for it. Your schedule looks fine.