RBS vs IU Kelley

I’m a DA to Kelley (I received a Dean’s Scholarship of 9k) and I am still waiting on Rutgers Business School (in state for me) Which is better for investment banking? For IU, what would I have to do to get into the workshop? I’m going into college with barely any AP credits so how will that affect me (for Kelley and RBS)?

Also, if my parents were to only pay 30k a year, are the extra loans I would have to take worth it for Kelley? I’ve already experienced a rejection so moral is pretty low right now.

All in all, which is a better option?

Some more info:
I’m a mediocre student (4.3/6.33 weighted gpa, 1410/1600 SAT, no ACT or Subject SATs, 5 honors classes and 1 AP class, 3 AP exams (which I’m taking my senior year), president of a club and have been in my school’s orchestra for all four years)

High school was a bad time for me and I wasn’t able to do as well as I thought (due to personal and family issues). I tend to get discouraged quickly so how would that play out in college?

I’m probably too late on relying to this but it really depends on where you want to work in IB. I know that some BBs on the east coast go to Rutgers to recruit but it’ll be tough competing against students that attend target schools like HYP, NYU, Upenn, and Cornell. If you go to Indiana, you need to get into IBW which will give you a shot at boutique midwest IBs and maybe Chicago BBs but at the same time, you’ll be competing against Umich Ross, Uchicago, Northwestern, and UIUC Gies students for Chicago IB, all of which boast higher placement rates than IU.