RD 2023 Acceptance/Discussion Thread

Hey! I figured that I’d post this since I haven’t seen one yet.

Today, I received my acceptance letter into the Bachelor of Music program in the oboe studio, and I also received a hefty scholarship! I’m very excited!

My stats (though they matter less because I’m a music performance major):
SAT: 1340 (710 reading, 630 math)
UW GPA: 3.9
W GPA: 4.4
APs: AP Euro, AP Music Theory, AP Gov, AP Stats
ECs: Local Youth Symphony, various nomination honors ensembles, all-state honors band, various music competitions, marching band, pit orchestra, Tri-M, NHS, contribute to and compile my school’s literary and art magazine

Feel free to post your stats and whatever else you feel is relevant! :slight_smile:

What was your audition date? They told us con acceptances weren’t going to go out until mid-March.

@UniversityMomOf2 I sent in an online audition a few months back. What studio did your child apply for?

He’s applying flute music ed/performance double major if he gets into the con.

His stats sound a lot like yours. 1370 SAT. Same GPA. Same extra curricular except no Tri-M at his school and he didn’t do the magazine you did. His APs are AP Music Theory, AP Psychology, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics C. He auditioned in person. Last audition day was what worked with all his other auditions. He is still waiting on 3 of 10 colleges. He wanted no part of video auditions.

It might be because flute is a larger studio with more competition. I’m not exactly sure how decisions work, but it seems like a lot of schools’ admission processes vary from studio to studio. Good luck to him and I hope everything works in his favor!

Thanks. Results are due this week apparently so we will see…

@UniversityMomOf2 Did you ever hear back?

Yes. He is accepted. Thanks for asking. I see you have a couple other acceptances. Very happy for you. I never knew Eastern Illinois had a music program. I know a Northern Illinois was trying to get people by offering money to do marching band there.

@UniversityMomOf2 Well, they kind of have one. They don’t really have much of an orchestra though. But thank you so much!

Is anyone else still waiting on RD admissions decision? The website says April 1st but we have not heard/seen anything yet.

@njb243 I got my rejection letter yesterday. You should probably call to make sure they mailed your letter, but the letters came very late.

@oboeboy1917 I’m sorry about your response from LU. Thank you for the information though. We will keep watching the portal and waiting I guess.

@oboeboy1917 I thought you were accepted. What happened?

Oh no I thought that this was a different thread, haha. My mistake. I’m accepted! @njb243 @Green001