RD 2023 Colorado College

Decisions come out Wednesday MST! Time to start a thread.

Decision: Denied:
GPA: around a 3.6-3.7/4 unweighted
IB/AP: IB Biology HL, IB Psychology HL, IB Geography HL, IB English Literature A SL, IB Spanish B SL, IB Math SL
I was deferred and didn’t really expect a rejection but it’s fine !

@alinazagitova same here. I got deferred EA. I’m a full IB student

I got waitlisted! Kinda stings but I’ve already gotten some acceptances so it’s not so bad as a denial. Guess I’ll post my stats to help some others out:

ACT: 32
GPA: 3.97 unweighted / 4.5 weighted
2 years of full concurrent enrollment at UC Denver
I was hoping for an acceptance but ya know, it is how it is.

daughter accepted RD into the Fall Away program, after deferred EA. You two IB students will get into some amazing places. at this level of selectivity, there is a randomness aspect.

waitlisted :frowning:
sat: 1510 gpa: 3.7

@giraldi bro I’m dying with all the IB deadlines right now considering my EE is a mess and it’s due friday but it’s fine at least I have a rejection to top it all off

waitlisted :confused: SAT 1500 GPA 3.9

ACT: 32
GPA: 3.6 Unweighter, lots of APs


  • 29 ACT
  • 4.4 GPA
  • Three Sport athlete


  • 1470 SAT
  • 3.5 GPA UW
    -URM and First Gen

SAT 1510
GPA 4.07

ACT → 32
GPA → 4.21 W
Congrats to everyone who got in!

Accepted some how
ACT 31
GPA 3.97 UW
Graduating a year early from high school, and lots of EC’s and 4 Sports.
7 AP’s

ACT 35
UW GPA 3.86
W GPA 4.45
8 APs, 5s in all (except for the 4 from US)
Presidential Scholarship
Applied RD (no deferral)

I think what got me in was definately my relationship with my admissions officer. I flew out to see campus and hit it off w/ him when we met – if you can develop a friendship with your officer, even via email, it can make a huge difference!

@craZZprocess Same with my daughter!

Accepted: 3.74 W GPA (Freshman: 3.41, Sophmore: 3.44, Junior: 4.05, Senior 1S: 4.31)

35 ACT, 790 Math II, 740 USH

Accepted (RD, International student)

SAT: 1480 (superscore) → 1460 is my highest composite score
GPA: 3.83 (My school does GPA out of 4.3)
9 APs over Junior and Senior year (School doesn’t allow sophomores to take APs)


  • Two varsity sports (one of which I captain)
  • Leader of service club that teaches orphaned schoolchildren about badminton
  • Spent summer 2018 in Ladakh, India. Spent one week at a local school, helping dentists and optometrists check on the schoolchildren’s teeth and eyes.
  • Leader of service club that raises money for the same school in Ladakh.
  • Additional service trips around Jakarta

No interview.

Not really sure how I got in compared to some of the people that were waitlisted/ denied. However, I do think that my essays were extremely solid. My block-plan essay was about creating a research paper on Indonesian eco-tourism, using a location in Sumatra as a case study.

a bit more info:
800 Math 2, 800 US History
many AP’s, significant upward trend w GPA every year…Senior 1st sem 4.44
3 varsity sports
from NE but strong ties to Colorado, camp and leadership programs every summer
strong work experience in NYC finance
Nationally certified EMT

Accepted 4.0UW/4.5W SAT 1540