RD and scholarship deadline

My daughter is interested to apply for this college which has RD deadline of Jan 1st but then I noticed we are already past the deadline of Johnson scholarship which was Dec 1st? Is it worth applying for this past scholarship deadline?

An overwhelmed mom…

If interested in the college and the net price calculator for W&L is in the balllark you can afford she should apply to the college. They meet 100% of demonstrated need, so they will most likely get you close to what your EFC is in FAFSA.

The deadlines for major scholarships and merit are not typically flexible. The portals usually do not let you submit past the deadline. I am guessing the common app is still showing the supplement.

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It can’t hurt to ask. :grin:

Anecdotal…. I know one student last year who missed the scholarship deadline (not at W&L) and was allowed to apply. I believe the W&L offices are closed until after the first of the year so you will have to make the decision about applying without knowing the answer. @Pathnottaken’s post is correct; it would be an exception if allowed to apply late and even then the Johnson is very competitive.

Good luck to your student! Hang in there… I was the overwhelmed mom this time last year so hugs to you. My D is a happy freshman at W&L so let me know if you have any questions about her experience.

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