RE: Father's Day --What Makes Your Dad So Special?

<p>I am very interested in how your dad invests in your high achieving lives. Is he all that important? If so, how so? What about his character or actions has shown he really cares about you. Thanks for sharing everyone :) !</p>

<p>My Dad is special because he always supports and encourages me. Also, he makes sure that I have everything that I need to succeed.</p>

<p>He's driving me to Princeton, MIT, and Cornell. In five days. Oh yeah, and I live in Texas.</p>

<p>My father is a piece a sht, doesn't do sht, and doesn't mean sht. </p>

<p>I'm totally not bitter. :)</p>

<p>He yells at me. He is stingy with his money yet we are upper middle class...</p>

<p>My father has provided me with an upper-middle class life, and his miserly ways have kept me from being spoiled, unlike some of my comrades. </p>

<p>Not really any school or extracurricular support. But whatever. All dads are different.</p>

<p>What is 'father?'</p>

<p>Sounds like someone who ditches you when you're a child and doesn't give you anything for your birthday.</p>

<p>My dad had sex with my mom to make me. :)</p>

<p>Oh wait, that's not what you meant.</p>

<p>Sounds like a lot of dads have missed out on an amazing relationship with many of you. I am sorry, if I strummed up some yuck.</p>

<p>I think father's day is a scam. Just another excuse for Hallmark to make some money. Not that I don't love my dad, it's just that my family was never too particular to celebrate father's day.</p>

<p>My Dad sucks...</p>

<p>My dad is old, eats food like a child, lazy, doesn't do anything, relies on me to entertain him, complains a lot, and lacks common sense.....hmph. He likes sports and he's sometimes funny....but not really.</p>

<p>I think you guys are messin' with my mind, certainly my theory -- that dads are a good thing and that they help high achieving CC'rs. Gads this is depressing ;) !</p>

<p>He gives me money, because I deprive him of my affections and don't allow him to give me his.</p>

<p>^ That basically sums up my 'relationship' with my father. Minus the money.</p>

dads are a good thing and...they help high achieving CC'rs.


<p>No, that's moms.</p>

<p>My dad helps out in the best way he can. Even when he's tired, he'll give me concise and appropriate advice for any given situation I'm in. He hasn't supported me academically, and often times forgets my birthday, but I don't think that's why I would have loved him anyhow.</p>

<p>My dad is probably the only person I know who is like me. He respects the things I do, he supports me whenever I have any difficulties, problems, questions, etc., and he's very understanding (well, most of the time).</p>

<p>Dad, you are the most supportive person I could ever imagine. You are attentive and vigilant to encourage me, offer wise counsel in a carefully sensitive way. Your wallet is almost always open, even if I ask for something ridiculous item, your heart is always available to "have our talks". I adore our times together playing sports, your being head coach in many of my sports, and your gentle persuasion to excel. I know that no matter what I do, you are always, and I mean, always there for me. You are my best friend who protects, provides, cheerleads, and is dearly loved by our family. Your warm embrace, kiss, and occasional "I love you's" are a perfect blend, and are timely. You seem to know just the right time and amount to say to me, honoring my need for space, yet making eye contact that shows your heart. Your example of honesty, kindness, and care for our family, others, and God is soothing to my soul. I simply love being with you, no matter what we do or don't do. Lastly, your praying for us and leadership, is like an anchor to my soul. I love you, dad, with every ounce of my being. Thank you for treasuring me in your touch, glance, and prayers.</p>

<p>My dad could have been a multimillionaire, instead he wasted his money away, and now is facing forclosure on his house. Yea he's funny when I visit him, and yea he can buy me food. But a little pocket money would be nice. Not spending the whole time I visit in the basement on the computer or sleeping would be nice. Helping my mom pay for my schooling would be nice. Not having a convo about how much money you owe everyone and how I'm too young to understand everytime i call to say hi would be nice too. I guess you can't always get what you want. I say we just have another mother's day...</p>

<p>I honor you in this day! Thanks for being the most wonderful Dad.</p>

<p>Oh, Dad, so strict you were-- and I thank you for that. God had other plans for you and you left this "Earth" too early. All four of your children miss you very much. I know that if you were here you would be the most marvelous grandfather too.</p>

<p>-You use the belt if it was necessary to correct our ways.
-We have to kneel on grain of rice if we did something disrespectful.
-You did not allow us to interrupt the conversations of adults.
-You allow us to have friends, but we had curfews in high school, avoiding alcohol, smoking...
-We went to college and the place we stayed had curfews too, 30 minutes after library was closed--avoiding us to get in other type of troubles.
-You prohibited us to smoke--avoiding cancer, bad breath and rotten teeth.
-You taught us to love God.
--You taught us to respect the elders.
-You taught us the love for music, the arts and environment.
-You taught us how to repair minor things and even how to change a tire.
-You encourage us to "vote"
-You encourage us to read the newspaper everyday and learn a new word.
-You taught us the love for travelling, know other cultures, and type of food.
-You taught to drink socially.
-You encourage us to learn a second language and to learn about different cultures.
-You were there for every activity organized by the school and graduations.
-You taught how to love and respect our mother.
-You celebrated all our birthdays.
-You were a great dancer.
-You had the most beautiful smile in the world.
-Anyone that met you...recognized your great spirit.
-You taught us to help others and volunteer.
-You taught us the love for education and you pay for all your four children's education.</p>

<p>-Despite your strict ways, we love you and missed you dearly. </p>

<p>I honor you in this day! Thanks for being the most wonderful Dad.</p>