Reached maximum messages….again

The limit is for the previous 24 hours, not midnight in an arbitrary time zone, so 22 minutes is how long you need to wait until the message limit in 24 hours is reached.

But maybe @CC_Jon wants to change this setting or this one.

If the code allows, maybe @CC_Jon can increase the limit for senior members as there are several who actively engage with posters by PM in an effort to provide support. I realize that requires an additional parameter, but if “spam-PMs” are that big of an issue (I’ve never received one personally) that may be a compromise if increasing the limit globally is a concern.


Is the issue with PMs or with public topics?

There is a max personal messages per day. Setting, but it applies to all users.

@thumper1 Can you answer this?

@CC_Jay I haven’t had this issue personally. I’m obviously not as helpful as thumper! :wink:

The max messages applies to messages I start AND this includes any post flags I might do as well. It does not apply to responses to posts on the forum.

@CC_Jay repeatedly, we have been told to take private discussions to message. Some days, there are more of these than others. And it doesn’t apply to any responses I make to messages…on’y ones I start (or at least that is what @CC_Jon said earlier)

I also have never received a spam PM.

And also, the whole “your reached your limit thing…what IS the limit? I waited the 22 minutes, and then some. A short while later I received another pop up that I had again exceeded my limit (believe me, I hadn’t done much in that short time) and I had to wait 44 minutes.

If this is the way it is…fine.

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Jon answered part of your question before

When a moderator (or when I, not to speak for the others) says this on a thread, it’s the polite way of saying “move on”. If it’s a situation where you’re having back and forth posts and decide on your own to take to PM, perhaps invite the other person to PM you.


There are separate counters for topics and PMs. The default is 20/day. It applies to all users (perhaps not staff, I didn’t follow the code that far).

Flags have a separate limit. It’s set to 10. And it’s multitplied by 1.5 or 2 for TL2 and TL2 respectively. If you’re running out of flags then perhaps that limit could be raised.

What are TL2 and TL2 referring to in this post?

TL is Trust Level. There’s a thread about that which I’ll link. TL2 are members. TL3 are senior members.

There is a typo in Jay’s post.

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I’ve been able to reproduce on a test system. It’s not very intuitive. If you use “Something Else” to add context, that does indeed create a PM thread with the moderators. That thread counts against the rolling 24-hour new PM rate limit. The error message is confusing because it lacks the necessary context.

(By the way, I had a hard time wrapping my head around your reports, @thumper1. I apologize for misunderstanding!)

I think there are two viable workarounds:

  1. When someone hits the limit, they can submit flags that don’t use the “Something Else” reason:

    Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 1.28.01 PM

    From what I can tell, none of those reasons have this problem. The downside is that it lacks context that moderators might need.

  2. We can increase the PM thread limit to match the maximum flag limit.

I’ve done #2 for the moment. I’ve also created a bug report for the system we use that might result in a better solution down the road.

Thank you. I also realize I can respond to a previous message without that “counting” in my daily limit.

An alternative (and better IMO) solution would be to expand the auto close feature beyond chance me, since the majority of @thumper1 's “something else” flags are reporting responses on ancient threads.


I have another solution. Add “Old thread” to your list of reasons to flag a post, and don’t have that one count in the message count either.


Yes to both Thumper’s idea of adding an “old thread” option to the flags and to ski’s solution of auto closing more threads throughout the site!

I also find that there are a lot of spammers using the old threads.


Agree with all these recent comments. It seems an easy fix to add an “old thread” option.


I hope your “easy fix” comment didn’t jinx what seems an “easy” solution to us end-users! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: (She says after three days of silence in this thread.)

@CC_Jon @CC_Sorin

So…are we going to ever get a drop down that simply says “Old Thread” that won’t count in the number of messages sent? That would be a huge improvement.

Just checked to see if there was an update on this. I was hoping it was going to be fixed in the upgrade that was just applied.

The bug was :heart: ed by the lead programmer, but I don’t see that it’s been fixed.

Where’d the option to edit, the emojis, etc go???

You mean these?


The big update that I’ve waited all year for finally got deployed today and the final stages of it took longer than I expected. Sorry about that.

I think that everything is working as expected now.