Maximum messages per day?

Is this something new? I just got a pop up telling me I’ve exceeded the maximum number of messages for the day…and have to wait 14 minutes to message someone.

I have NEVER gotten this before.

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How odd. How many messages had you posted?

Last March, during UC acceptances, I exceeded the max number of likes.


Honestly…I have no idea how many messages…but no more than usual. And I’ve never gotten this before. The odd part…I had “exceeded my messages per day” but if I waited 14 minutes I could message some more. Does that make sense?

Funny to receive badges that promote or support engagement and then receive a penalty for posting too much.

The past two years, early in the admissions process, I’ve received warnings that I am posting too much in the USC Class of 20XX thread and that I should give others a chance.

I meant to say messages…not posts. I’ve corrected my post!

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would say capping the number of PM’s per day for users below senior member is an excellent way to prevent message bombing.

And yes I know you’re a senior member, so should be exempt, or have a much higher limit.

I just wonder if this is something new…and if so…what is the limit?

And if I have reached the limit “for the day”…why would I be able to post more messages after 14 minutes??

Something in the back of my reptilian brain recalls there was a limit placed on something, but I can’t recall specifics, so I’ll defer to an admin.

[Not sure why I missed this ping, but better late than never?]

There is a limit of new private message threads in a day: 20. There’s no limit for message replies, however. (And there’s no way to increase or lift that limit just for senior members right now.)

The upshot is that if you continue a message thread, your won’t be rate limited. But if you start 20 message threads in a day, you’ll see this message on 21. As @skieurope suggests, this is prevent spam and other unwelcome bulk messages.

This is a rolling limit. So it’s not exactly a calendar day, which makes looking for when the limit was reached a little harder. The limit has been hit about a dozen times since we moved to this platform in Dec. 2020. One of those times was a new user who sent “Help!” to 20 users before the limit kicked in. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

We can up the limit if it’s really an issue, but I think the default is fairly reasonable most of the time.


The odd thing was…the message I got said I had met the limit for the day….so I had to wait 14 minutes to message any more. And it wasn’t even close to the end of the day. If I met my daily limit, why wasn’t I cut off for the rest of the day?

It’s a rolling 24-hour period, I believe. So if you write start 20 threads in an hour, you’d need to wait 23 hours for that to clear out. You probably spaced your threads out over the day and only hit the limit because of a thread from the previous afternoon/evening.

It’s not the easiest to explain, but it’s a fairly standard way for these limits to be programmed. It’s simpler code to count the number of events in the last 24 hours.

Good lord, that’s a lot of PMs @thumper1 ! :rofl::rofl::rofl: (I almost never PM)