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Looks like the “Community Forum Issues” is no longer allowing new posts.

Yesterday, both UC Davis and SLO announced their admissions decisions. I congratulated newly admitted students by using the like button. Today, I received the following message.

Wow! You’ve been sharing a lot of love! You’ve reached the maximum number of likes within a 24 hour period, but as you gain trust levels, you’ll earn more daily likes. You’ll be able to like posts again in 3 minutes.

How much trust do I need to gain in order to earn more daily likes? Can I request an increase in my allocation of daily likes?


Hmm! I’ve been using :tada: to congratulate students, I’ve been sprinkling them VERY liberally over these threads and haven’t run out of likes. Are likes totaled up separately from other emoji?

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Maybe you can buy more, like miles on airlines?

As a Leader, your trust levels should be high enough for as many likes as you can physically hand out.

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This happened to me last year! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

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Asking admin for help. The rest of the UCs will be releasing admission decisions in the next couple of weeks. Can you increase my credit limit? :pray:

@CC_Jon @CC_Sorin

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Just earned my Out of Love Badge too… I guess I will have to use my likes sparingly over the next few weeks.

I’ve doubled the base limit for everyone. Hopefully that will help for decision season. (I don’t plan to decrease that limit unless it creates some problem.)

Relatedly, there was a missing setting that artificially limited likes for Forum Champions at 150 a day. I’ve fixed that so it shouldn’t be a problem in the future.


Thank you!