And another issue…”liking posts”

Ok…so I tried to give a thumbs up to Mwfan…but when I hit the little icon, it gave the thumbs up to the post above it by UCbalumnus. So I tried again…and then again and then of course got blocked out because I tried too many times.

This happened to me yesterday also, but with the other glitches, I just figured that it would resolve.


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Adding…and this is very odd. I just tried again. And again the number jumped up one on Ucbalumnus post. BUT when I exited out of that thread and then came back to it…the thumbs up was where it belonged by Mwfan.




This happened to me 2 days ago. I attempted to Like a post but it wouldn’t add my Like. It was a longer one, so I honestly didn’t notice if it Liked the post above instead. I left and came back, but it still wasn’t working properly.