Read me thread for music major forum

Welcome to the Music Major forum! This thread is meant to aggregate some of the most useful information posted by our wonderful forum members over the years.

Please start here: Double Degree Dilemma essay (written by David Lane)
(Even if you do not think you are interested in a double degree!) This essay will give you important information on how to study music: what different offerings are available and how to understand what is right for you / your child.

Annual threads:
The “journey” thread is a place for students and parents to discuss the process as it is happening. Here are links to a few journey threads.

The pre-screen threads help keep pre-screen information organized for a given class. You can also use them to find out roughly when pre-screen results come out for a given program.

And then of course there are the acceptance threads! Enough said.

More to explore: Here are a few other threads that members have found particularly valuable over the years.


An older thread by @BassDad, which many of us found invaluable, was this:


Similar to the link above, would be the one below. It is more jazz related. These two threads give an overview of the process in two different styles and for two different disciplines.


Hi, bridgenail. This month, S graduated from UNT. He is now teaching at the Music Academies in the area and working on some other projects.


Woo Hoo! Congrats to your son and family on graduation. And…we have another working musician in the house…even during a pandemic. I’m so glad that you took the time to share the happy ending to your son’s journey.