Read my essay: Don't write about reverse psychology

<p>I want to get feedback on this essay. The prompt is: Don't write about reverse psychology. I feel like I'm trying to bee creative, but come across the wrong way.. Will you read and give feedback on my easy???</p>

<p>PS - It's a difficult topic!!!</p>

<p>Send it.</p>


<p>Send it.</p>


<p>Hello! I'm also an applicant for the class of 2016, and this prompt had me stirring. If you don't mind telling, how did you interpret it? Did you write about reverse psychology, or did you write about some random topic?</p>

<p>No one is going to read an essay about reverse psychology when you title the thread "Read my essay."</p>

<p>Don't send it to me. ;)</p>

<p>I'd love to read it!</p>

<p>Sure, PM me!</p>

<p>i'll read itt, just PM it over!</p>

<p>Haha, dunbar is funny.
Don't send it to me either. ;)</p>

<p>i would love to give it a read :)</p>

<p>I'll read it (2nd year here!!)</p>

<p>I can help you out :D</p>

<p>Send it over :)</p>

<p>you can send it to me too :)</p>

<p>Send it to me, I'll give some honest feedback</p>

<p>sounds cool! I'll read it!</p>

<p>I will read it for u. Send it over.</p>

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<p>I'll read it.</p>

<p>I'm curious. Send it to me.</p>