Reality TV Show looking for friends of the Social Media addicts in Vegas


In this digital age, everything you digitally post can be used to do you harm. It’s not the NSA you should be afraid of, it’s your innocent friend and their over sharing we should fear!

If your friend is constantly taking selfies, checking themselves in wherever they go, posting photos of their crazy nights on Instagram - THEY ARE AT RISK. Reputations can be ruined, jobs can be lost, identities stolen, bank accounts drained - all because of over sharing.

Here’s your chance to show them just how dangerous their online activities can be. Without their knowledge, we want you to nominate your oversharing friend, and with the help of you and our team of experts, we will have some fun with them while teaching them valuable lessons about oversharing.

To nominate your friend, email us at with your name, contact info and a description of your oversharing friend and why they must be stopped!