Really? Was it a joke?

<p>So basically today one of my teachers (who i am very close with) said stanford would be a good fit for me. Although i do go to one of the most, if not the most, competitive schools in nj my numbers are not anything "spectacular""
-probably a 3.6 gpa at the end of junior year, (3.2 freshman, 3.4 sophomore and 3.8 or so junior)
I have taken 3 honors courses and one ap (the school does not allow us to take more then 2 aps before junior year unless there is an outstanding circumstance)
-34 on the act
-740math1,800math2, taking bio and chem sat 2s in febuary both of which will be above 750 for sure, probobly above 770.
-president of the largest club at the school as a junior
-two year varsity captain
-has been a mentor/tutor since 7th grades for children with disabilities
-hopefully taking an online class in group theory through stanfords online high school next year.
-submitting an art portfolio
-well on my way to becoming a published scientist. </p>

<p>thanks in advance for any feedback.</p>

<p>edit: sorry for the poor grammar and spelling,school has kept me up till 3am everyday this week and im on the verge of crashing.</p>

<p>what school do you go to?</p>

<p>I don’t totally feel like going into that much detail but its one of the most competitive private school’s in the state</p>


<p>I’m from nj too that’s why I was wondering. But yea your gpa is kinda low for stanford</p>

<p>ohh okay. ya thats what my teacher told me… if it means anything thats my UW… i don’t really feel like calculating the weighted one right now</p>

<p>If it’s Lville (really the only contender for most competitive private school), then that GPA actually isn’t unreasonable for Stanford.</p>

<p>^ delbarton, seton hall prep, pingry, oak knoll, newark academy</p>

<p>Captain, since I don’t know any schools in NJ (and don’t care), I say why not apply? First of all, this teacher obviously will advocate for you, and the 34 on the ACT and your extracurriculars are great. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be a great candidate, if you spend some time writing really compelling essays, and submitting a kick ass art portfolio. It is NOT all about the numbers, people!!!</p>

<p>jd pretty good guesses, its the best one in that group :)</p>


<p>What are you asking us to tell you? Your teacher would know better than us.</p>

<p>im wondering what you think of my potential app and hes only my math teacher hes no college advisor</p>

<p>Strengthen your EC’s. Unless you get that paper published, nothing stands out perhaps maybe the varsity team captain…</p>

<p>I’ll let others talk.</p>

<p>im guessing pingry. i know some people who go there.</p>

<p>What’s your ethnicity, OP?</p>

<p>I’m just generic white. also the article will hopefully be published in one of the early issues of cell next year! (subliminal promotion)
and its also not pingry</p>

<p>Well, you do have a shot, since your SAT and ACT scores are good, your ECs are solid, you’re publishing a paper, and your GPA isn’t abhorrently low. Improve your GPA, and you’ll be in a much better position.</p>

<p>thanks so much guys for all the feedback youve given :slight_smile:
I just recalculated my gpa for junior year alone and i have a 3.87 UW. Im not totally sure what that turns to weighted but its a lot better then my froshie year :)</p>

<p>@shootastar, what do you say is an abhorrently low GPA?</p>