Rec translations?

<p>How do you guys translate your teacher recs? Can you do it urself? Or does it have to be translated by an official translator with stamps and all that?</p>

<p>Ask colleges directly about it, you probably can't translate them yourself.</p>

<p>^translate it yourself:
in your language: "this student is terrific, and has great potential"
personal translated version: "this student is godly! he should be a nobel prize winner in every single subject, he has the brain of Einstein and physique of Kobe Bryant 5 years ago. If he is not admitted to your institution, i will commit suicide"</p>

<p>lol... I'm smart enough not to do that, lol... Well how did you do it then?</p>

<p>you could ask a eng teacher from your school to translate it or smth</p>

<p>Thats what I was thinking of, but u're 100% sure that they would accept that?</p>

I'm smart enough not to do that, lol.


<p>Umm I think his point was that if students could translate it themselves then some would take advantage of this and exxagerate(sp?) what was actually written on the documents.</p>

<p>I'm a foreign student aswell, This is what I did, I let the English teacher write it for the math teacher (the math teacher told the english teacher what to write in arabic and the enghlish t translated it to english) all the colleges accept this, all they have to do is attach a note or something explaining what they did cause my 2 recs were from english and math teacher and they were in the same writing so it looked suspicious lol. I know what I just said is kinda confusing. OR, you can let your teacher write it in their language and just take it over to an offcial translator.</p>

<p>The official translator thing becomes a problem when you need recs for 15 schools. Plus you burry the adcoms in hundreds of documents.</p>