received an invitaztion from Harvard to apply

<p>My kid received an application packet without requesting for it. Why are some top schools sending him these? His GPA is not great. But he has tons of AP (5) and college level classes (7) so far and still taking more cc's...Very advanced in math and Physics...Could this be the reason. How do they know this THOUGH?</p>

<p>He checked a box on his SAT's and will receive a ton of materials from colleges. It isn't personal, and means very little.</p>

<p>Thanks. He actually received a complete application form including common Ap 2011. I haven't even seen that anywhere else. And he has not received like this from other colleges.
Actually have people received application forms or just info mat?</p>

He actually received a complete application form including common Ap 2011.


<p>I haven't heard this before.</p>

<p>all of my friends got those last year. not personal.</p>

<p>^ Oh, well I guess I'm just not in the know. I haven't received one yet, though.</p>

<p>It's marketing. They want to get as many applications as they can to keep thier acceptance rates in the single digits.</p>

<p>All the schools will solicit endless numbers of applications in order to get as many apps as possible.</p>

<p>I started receiving college applications in 9th grade when I first took the PSAT. I've gotten ridiculously extensive packets from many different schools. They REALLY want to up their application numbers.</p>

<p>I heard caltech never sends applications. Just got a info card from caltech. Never received anything from MIT. First invite from Harvard with complete ap packet. All other schools sent mostly cards and brochures. Wash U sent the application after a specific req was made using there card.</p>

<p>everyone gets that type of thing after they take the PSAT. major waste of paper.</p>

<p>Tell me if you heard from ivy leagues, and CC top schools</p>

<p>They sent out more than 50K last year.</p>

<p>Who are they? Ivy leagues and CC Tops?</p>

<p>I believe Harvard is they. The number was told to me in passing at a college fair, so I could be wrong. But you get the idea- receiving a complete packet is no indication whatsoever of favoritism. They send out tens of thousands each year.</p>

<p>I did not receive any mail from Harvard last year, with the exception of that application packet the OP mentioned.</p>

<p>I got one from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, MIT, and Brown. I hear it just raises your hopes while wasting paper. </p>

<p>And I did think it was odd that Harvard sent a CommApp.</p>

<p>My son has received mailings from MIT (two of them, including a pretty cool foldout poster), Caltech, Columbia, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Penn, Amherst, Swarthmore, Duke and a ton of others - most of which he hasn't opened. But nothing so far from Harvard.</p>

<p>The only good side is that your son might "match" their minimal exception. I am talking about scores. I have received one from Harvard and Columbia, but I never approached to any college fairs or anything. I did exceptionally well on SAT and in school. I also had received mailings from many "unknown" schools....</p>

<p>All I am suggesting is that Harvard is marketing, but at the same time, your son should bring forth his confident, and see what he thinks about his chance and whether he likes Harvard or not. I didn't apply to Harvard as freshman, and I did regret about it later. Of course, due to financial problem.</p>

<p>^Aw you still should have applied! Harvard has fantastic aid; their letter I got in the mail spent about a whole page discussing their financial aid policy.</p>

<p>^It might have been before Harvard revamped much of their financial aid program</p>