Recipe: Flat Iron Steak

Just bought a flat iron steak. Have never prepared I don’t think. What should I do with it? (Honestly I think it was mismarked but when I asked they said “you can pay whatever the sticker says” :woman_shrugging:t2:)

Flat iron is a great cut. Not always easy to find. It’s also a good cut for marinades, and you can use it in fajitas or stir fry.


My bit of research showed similar - season or marinade, cast iron or grill for 5-6 minutes both sides. Let it rest.


Garlic salt, pepper, 5 minutes a side in a hot pan or on the grill. Let it rest, slice it super thin across the short side. I don’t eat red meat more than once a month, but this is our favorite!!


At our kid’s wedding dinner, grilled flat iron steak with chimichurri sauce was a big hit. :slight_smile: It is a good cut of beef for grilling!


I grill it with a seasoning rub, serve with any South American green sauce. Or slice it and serve with softened corn tortillas as soft tacos.

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This recipe is for chicken but I make this sauce for flat iron or flap meat steak.

Instead of blending the avocado with the rest of the sauce ingredients I add it diced at the end. The sauce is very good on all kinds of things including roasted potatoes.

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Gosh these suggestions are great! I seasoned it and used a cast iron skillet w/butter. Served with some homemade pesto I had. But all your sauces sound AMAZING!