Recommendions for canadian unis

<p>Do canadian unis like mcgill,british columbia,york need teacher's recommendations in addition to the counsellor's recommendation?</p>

<p>Essential requirements like that should be verified by looking at the schools’ webpages, dontcha think?</p>

<p>i can’t find if its written anywhere on any of the universities’ websites.</p>

<p>1) McGill [url=&lt;a href=“]General”&gt;]General</a> Admission and Documentation Requirements for All Applicants | Applying to Undergraduate Studies - McGill University<a href=“optional”>/url</a></p>

<p>2) UBC: no mention</p>

<p>3) York: no mention</p>

<p>Thanks a lot</p>

<p>I do not think recs are required at all. However, if you want to make sure you’re not applying to any one of these three for nothing, please list some credentials as well as prospective major(s) and, for UBC, ECs.</p>

<p>Hi everyone, I am applying to Acadia U, Saint Mary’s U and Mount Saint Vincent. I’m from the Turks and Caicos and I’ve never been to Canada but I’ve done lots of research and I’m 100% percent sure that Canada is where I want to go for University. I was wondering what life is like in Canada and where I can purchase the appropriate clothing for winter. Also, where is the best place for me to buy my school supplies and dorm essentials? Acadia is my first choice so if anybody knows where I can buy these things in Wolfville, Nova Scotia please let me know. Thanks so much :)</p>


<p>I don’t know about Wolfville, but I have been in Halifax before and it is a pretty nice town, especially in summer when there are lots of outdoor activities. In the winter though the maritime provinces can be very cold. For shopping there are all sorts of stores. the cheapest are the big department stores (eg. Sears). There is also the Bay, which has variable price ranges, and all the sports stores and most of the upper price retail stores here carry winter clothing. Pretty much just go to a mall and find what you like, you will likely have plenty of options even in small town like Wolfville. For school supplies, most universities have a textbook shop which also sells school supplies, but otherwise there are business supply stores like Staples.</p>

<p>@NamelesStatistic okay thank you so much !!</p>