Recruiting coaches etc..When athletes school doesn't rank, transcript has only GPA...

<p>When a school coach is looking at an athlete and the AI is part of the equation... is a question I don't think anyone has already answered...</p>

A couple of coaches have contacted our student and asked for a transcript at the end of the first semester Jr yr (Jan)
--and asked that our student take the SAT asap---
so Jan SATs it is...</p>

<p>I know AI is very susceptible to rank vs decile vs GPA</p>

<p>Student's school/transcript lists only GPA---and coaches say an unoffical one--faxed is all they need right now...</p>

<p>I am assuming when the GCs send the official transcript etc in the fall Sr yr (or summer for pre-read?) that a hs profile goes with it---
Yet that profile has completed Sr yr GPAs/deciles... </p>

<p>So for recruiting purposes, and apps in the fall of SR yr...</p>

<p>Will the AdComms and coaches just use GPA and SAT/SATii scores??</p>

<p>To place the student's GPA onto the deciles breakdown will in our student's case, really hurt--because it doesn't have a full Jr and Sr yr....our student has 4 APs plus Honors Physics etc, and the Sr yr will have at least 5 APs...those APs will really help push the GPA and in doing so, help decile...when his grad yr gets included in the updated profile</p>


<p>Hmmm...don't know if I can be much help, but we are in the exact same situation with D, who is finishing the first semester of her jr. yr. She too will be getting involved with AI, and took her first set of SATs in November, at an ivy's request. Three unofficial transcripts have been sent out on request, and they would just show through the first quarter of this first semester, at this stage.</p>

<p>Like your student, her school does not rank, but I thought that one was actually helped by that in regards to the AI? Also, admissions and coaches will see the depth of the courses your S is taking, and no doubt he will get a lot of credit for choosing the challenging curriculum he has. You are right though that the AI can only really include through the junior year for early admissions/likely letters, as far as I can see.</p>

<p>I look forward to reading more experienced posts on this thread though, as my D is in the same situation...!</p>

<p>Hi Mayhew
Yes GPA helps
because decile hurts the kids --putting them in the middle of the decile...for the math/avg</p>

<p>I just wondered what a school profile does --in terms of hurting/helping</p>

<p>when the kids are jrs---
and even at apps--the apps wont have Sr yr grades at all--and APS help alot--
a B in a fresh yr history is different than a B in AP Chem Jr yr..kwim</p>

<p>Just went through this whole recruiting process w/ Ivy school, got the official acceptance last week. Son's high school is specialty school, does not rank per se. Just submitted transcripts w/ GPA only, SATs and SAT IIs. No problem at all with any part of the process, admissions was fine with info submitted. Let me know if you have any other questions.</p>

<p>Our large public high school doesn't rank--gives percentiles. The GC told D she could only put top 5%, but in reality she had to be in the top 1-2% after junior year. She's in the same boat as your student, with lots of AP's senior year which will really boost her GPA. It didn't seem to matter though, as she got in a top Ivy.</p>

<p>God, I'm glad I'm done with this until D(age 9) gets a bit older. I'm going to train her up for something, don't know what yet...The last resort of the non-ethnically interesting, not poor, "typical" bright kid-athletic prowess!....Good luck to all you junior parents, and try not to drive yourselves too crazy...</p>

<p>OldbatesieDoc, Enjoy your lovely, much-deserved break from all this!!! </p>

<p>fogfog, From these posts, it seems as if the lack of the senior GPA (with APs, etc.) is just the way it is? </p>

<p>And, if we are REALLY fortunate, the senior GPA won't even be a part of the initial equation - in a year from now, may we be as happy and relieved as OldbatsieDoc, Mom3xy and theGFG...!!</p>

<p>When I was looking at the hs profile I realized how the kids GPAs there are for completed sr yras well..
thats why I wondered...</p>

<p>still no psat score in this house....grrrr</p>