Regular Decision 2019

Hey guys,

Does anybody have an idea of when regular decision letters come out??

If you applied by January 1, decisions are supposed to be out by the end of February.

@Bakesalot where did you get that information?

In an email from admissions in December. The email explained that if you submitted your application by January 1 that you would receive your decision by Feb. 28 – that’s this week!

Just went back and searched the email. I saw this as well. It was at the tail end of an email regarding merit scholarships I believe.

Well then hopefully we all get some good news this week!

Has anyone heard anything? Nothing here yet.

Nothing here

Would it be an email or sent in the mail?

We didn’t get an email, but checked the portal and my daughter got her acceptance letter (dated today).

DD accepted. But she’s gotten much better financial aid at other places, so probably coming off the list.

Check your portals, decisions are out!!

My daughter got her acceptance via email last night (Feb 28).

DS in. Not as much merit as we wanted. $20K Has an ACT of 34, athlete, eagle scout…

@Sue1234 There is a financial aid appeal form right on the website which is relatively easy to fill out and submit. Its in the financial aid tab. I just did it for my S. It’s his top but still a lot more $$ than his other choices so I added an email w/the offers from the other schools. Worth a shot (wasn’t asking for any need based aid b/c we don’t qualify).

Thanks for the tip! Much appreciated.

I applied by the regular deadline, Feb 15th

Is there anyone else reading this thread who applied to HWS via RD and hasn’t heard back yet?

I haven’t either, applied the January 31 so I missed the early release by a mile :frowning:

Yes, my daughter was deferred from ED and has not heard for RD.