Reischauer Scholars Program

<p>Over my years lurking these boards, I've learned a great deal and I guess this is my contribution back to CC.
I don't know how valuable this will be, but I thought I'd tell you guys about the Reischauer Scholars Program - an online class on Japan sponsored by Stanford University and the United States - Japan Foundation. They admit about 25 students nationally. I have no idea whether or not this will help any of you get in, but I personally greatly enjoyed my experience. I came in not knowing anything really about Japan, and came out with a far greater understanding from when I began.
Please visit: for more information and the application.
Administrators, believe redirect this to wherever you feel it should be placed. I honestly didn't know where to post so I decided to just post on the Stanford forum.</p>

<p>hey, I am a Reischauer scholar.
i was wondering if any other reischauer scholar is applying to Stanford this year. Are you? SDXL
Yeah, I have to agree, I really enjoyed the program. anyone interested should apply next year.</p>