Rejected for ME

<p>Got rejected today for mechanical engineering</p>

<p>GPA: 4.25
SAT: 1330
EC: 1-5 hr</p>

<p>"You have not been selected for admission to Cal Poly. "</p>

<p>I got rejected for EE today also.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.95
SAT: 1370/2060
ACT: 31</p>

<p>CP was one of the few out of state schools I'd consider going to. Oh well.</p>

<p>Rejected for AE today
GPA - 3.6
SAT - 2010
blahblah. Cal Poly was one of my 50/50 schools. Hopefully I'll be accepted at Pomona now</p>

<p>My son was rejected for ME today also. Not surprising, but a little disappointing.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.55
ACT 28</p>

<p>No work experience</p>

<p>It looks like he is going to be accepted to Cal Poly Pomona though. He got an email from the ME dept inviting him to Engineering Day and saying that their department has recommended him for admission for Fall 2010 to their program. It congratulated him because it said that they had way more applicants than they had space for. </p>

<p>Good luck to everyone else!</p>

<p>Cal Poly was my dream school and I just can't believe how competitive Cal Poly is this year.</p>

<p>^ Sorry BlaBlaBoi. I know it's disappointing. Where else have you applied? Have you been to other campuses as well?
I was really hoping that my son would get into SLO also because of the reputation, location, and price. :(</p>

<p>Good luck with your other choices.</p>

<p>I applied to Cal Poly Pomona, all the UCs, USC and Harvey Mudd.</p>

<p>As of today, I got accepted into UCR, UCI (got into their honors program too)</p>

<p>Cal Poly is my first rejection....</p>

<p>Awww...congrats on your acceptances! My son hasn't heard from UCI yet. You'll be fine...SLO is just really hard to get into.</p>

<p>just got denied for EE as well.
3.21 CSU GPA, but my high school weighted GPA is 4.1.. 1930 SAT..7 APs, 20+ Hours per week work experience, and 3 University courses. Varsity Football varsity ski team.
****ing really? really cal poly?
jesus christ what do you have to do to get into that school? retarded. SDSU here I come.</p>

<p>It's hard to believe some of you were turned down... definitely a very competitive major so don't feel bad. Blabla, I had stats lower than yours and I got in under business administration... obviously less competitive.</p>

<p>Same here... Got my first rejection from all the college I applied.</p>

<p>Yep.. rejected for Civil today</p>

<p>yea i got rejected too with a 4.06 gpa and 1280 sat</p>

<p>OMG rejected 10 mins ago >:(. Fck my first rejection letter D:. It's supposed to say you are not selected for admission right -.-.</p>

<p>Major: Business
GPA 3.4
SAT I 1390/2120
EC: Not alot <.<</p>

<p>ditto, chemistry.</p>

<p>ditto, civil engineering. really disappointed.</p>

<p>just checked the son rejected for Chemistry</p>

<p>Got rejected today for Electrical Engineering. (3.5 GPA transfer student)</p>

<p>This is ridiculous. I wonder if anyone who applied for ME got in.</p>

<p>Some consolation... the school makes it way too hard to get into some majors and way too easy for others. I don't think this helps the school. My sister goes there. Its a nice enough school, but not half as nice as ANY UC I have seen. Campus is run down and SLO , except for the downtown area is shabby. Go to a UC, all the students had to meet the same standards and they have way more to offer.</p>