Rejected for ME

<p>Rejected for nutrition with a 3.8 and 27 act.
One of the worst days I've ever had.
Atleast it's not my number one choice...
So now I'm COMPLETELY hoping for UCSB.
Ohhhh myyyy goddddd</p>


<p>What were your stats? GPA? SAT (math + reading)? ACT? ECs?</p>

<p>i got rejected today for transfer psychology. i am a senior at san diego state and i transfered here from cuesta. i have a 3.52 cumulative gpa and a 3.77 gpa at san diego state. i am a premed student so ive been taking the hardest classes possible and have a 3.79 science gpa. my premed counselor told me i should for sure get into uc davis and usc medical school after i complete my degree. i volunteer in an emergency room, i do research in a biochem lab and i teach an organic chemistry review class with over 200 students. ive taken 26 units in my major and i have a 4.0 for psychology. </p>

<p>i called today and talked to an admissions officer. she said for psychology transfer 539 students applied for 11 spaces and the average accepted gpa was 3.7. i cant believe that i am competitive to get into medical school, but i didnt get in to cal poly for psychology.</p>

<p>i didnt intend on transferring out of sdsu. im from slo, and my mother is losing her vision and living alone. i was planning on moving home and helping her. i am going to be writing a letter of hardship. if anyone has any experience or advice on this it would be greatly appreciated. </p>


<p>blablaboi, </p>

<p>My stats were
gpa: 3.883 unweighted, SAT 1330, ACT 35, but I think I only got to send in my 32 since the newer one wasn't ready yet. ECs: ballroom dance, irish dance, clarinet, private French lessons, key club, national honor society</p>

<p>Waitlist for Business Admin. unweighted gpa 3.5ish, SAT 2010. Does anyone know the numbers and % chance for waitlist?</p>

<p>^I called admissions the day before and they said it all depends on how many people accept at Cal Poly for your major. They also said that there is no ranking on the waitlist, Im not sure how that works, but I guess its to our advantage, since everyone is on the same level. Or maybe I misunderstood..X]</p>

<p>^ dalmer, im sorry for you. i hope your letter will be considered because they usually don't take appeals. good luck, you really deserve it, to go to cal poly.</p>

<p>so each major has different acceptance rates...?</p>

<p>Rejected for Mechanical Engineering :(
GPA - 3.7 UW/ 4.0 W
SAT - 1450/2130
Accepted at UCI</p>

<p>blablaboi, each major most DEFINITELY has
different acceptance rates.</p>

<p>I'm an EE major at Cal Poly. I applied for transfer last year with a 3.68 GPA and not even 1 circuits class completed. </p>

<p>My friend, from the same CC I transferred from, applied this year for ME with a 3.7 GPA and much more coursework done than me. She just got rejected. </p>

<p>Cal Poly is in the process of rebuilding their UU and just built the nation's largest on-campus apartment complex (which I'm currently living in). I imagine that the cost of these projects, combined with the economic state has pretty much brought acceptance chances down to luck. Everyone seriously applying has a a reasonably high GPA, but not everyone can be taken. It's definitely pretty sad that people who deserve a Cal Poly education are being denied it because of the year they happened to apply. </p>

<p>Anyway, if you get rejected from Cal Poly, I'd head to Long Beach for number 2; if you're only looking for CSUs, that is. Long Beach is actually superior to Pomona in their engineering programs, if I recall correctly.</p>

<p>@ jbourne
I got admitted to UCI along with their honors program (Mech engineering major). And I got rejected by cal poly? :(</p>

<p>Rejected cal poly slo animal scence transfer 3.67 all pre reqs and work exprience</p>

<p>@ DrWurm </p>

<p>How is LBSU "superior" than Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) in engineering? CPP offers more majors than LBSU in engineering</p>

<p>List</a> of engineering programs in the California State University - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>and is ranked far higher in engineering by US NEWS</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>


<p>I tacked on the "If I recall correctly" for a reason. I'm not positive about the rankings. I believe CSU LB scores higher overall as a public undergrad university, and I believe that, at least when I was checking before applying in 2008, LB beats out some of Pomona's engineering programs. I definitely don't believe the discrepancy is as large as your US News link would imply. Once I got accepted to SLO, of course, my interest in keeping current with college rankings declined a bit.</p>

<p>Isn't SJSU considered the best CSU aside from the Polys for engineering?</p>

<p>SJSU is a great school for engineering, as well as cal poly pomona.</p>

<p>Rejected for Child Development, 3.0 (CC transfer). Not surprising, my GPA is really low.</p>

<p>My son got into Cal Poly ED General Engineering. We were told that was the way to get into Cal Poly.Most of the Engineering majors are impacted so apply to General.We followed their advice and he got in. GPA 4.1 ACT 29</p>

<p>Darn! I didn't know there was "general engineering" for cal poly. I would've selected that instead of EE for my alternative major.</p>