Rejected for ME

<p>Rejected for Child Development, 3.0 (CC transfer). Not surprising, my GPA is really low.</p>

<p>My son got into Cal Poly ED General Engineering. We were told that was the way to get into Cal Poly.Most of the Engineering majors are impacted so apply to General.We followed their advice and he got in. GPA 4.1 ACT 29</p>

<p>Darn! I didn't know there was "general engineering" for cal poly. I would've selected that instead of EE for my alternative major.</p>

<p>they never consider you for your alt major</p>

<p>I got rejected too ): ):
I've never gotten a rejection letter before LOOOL. So it feels kind of weird right now...
But at the same time this is the 3rd result I've gotten back so I should be prepared to have way more since I applied to 10+ schools LOOOL.
CSU GPA: 3.4 ):
SAT I: 1850
ECs: Quite a lot :/
Major: Psychology
Aiyah D:</p>

<p>same. biological sciences</p>

<p>Received official rejection letter in the mail today for mechanical engineering. Was hoping the online status was temporary! Time to move on to other boards.....</p>

<p>Got the official rejection letter today as well. 4,000 openings with 41000 applicants! <10% transfer acceptance this year. wow.</p>

<p>^^That's probably how many spots they plan to enroll in the Fall, not the number of people accepted.</p>

<p>I have a question for those that got rejections. Did your status on the Portal ever change or did you get the letter first?</p>

<p>Yeah my status changed on the portal. Its the number of people they expect to enroll but how many do they actually accept? even if they accept twice that number its still less than 20% acceptance lol</p>

<p>I was asking about the Portal because I am checking it about once an hour. I don't know if I need to bother checking it at all, if the rejections are only coming by mail and the status is not ever changed (or changed after the fact) on the Portal.</p>

<p>tornados - my status changed a week or two ago - from 'not yet determined' to 'you have not been selected for admission', ... so knew the reject letter was coming. Good luck to you.</p>

<p>Thank you jbourne for the information. I am praying for this one.</p>

<p>Holy crap!
4000 accepted out 41000 applicants. Thats about 9.75% acceptance rate!</p>

<p>Oh well, I'm done with Cal poly.... screw this lol</p>

<p>^No, its not. There is a yield rate. Usually it is relatively high.</p>

<p>waitlisted (aka rejection)
CC business transfer
3.8 gpa
I talked to admissions for a while today and they said that it's very unlikely they'll be accepting off the waitlist this fall due to higher numbers of competetive applicants. If ANY applicants are accepted off the waitlist, you have a better chance at winning the lotto. If you have other options CONSIDER THEM and dont wait around for SLO to eventually send you that rejection letter.</p>

<p>Rejected Civil Engineering</p>

<p>Math 640
CR 670
CW 610</p>

<p>GPA 3.78</p>

<p>It's a numbers game obviously. They accept all the minority kids they think have a snowball's change in hades to make it through the program... and then you've got 800 remaining applications for 75 slots. </p>

<p>Oh well, that's life.</p>

<p>So, Cal Poly was the only non-UC school I applied to, and I didn't get in. I got into UCI, UCR, and UCSB and waitlisted at UCD but I actually want to go to SLO.
My stats were:
GPA- 3.83
SAT- 2030
ACT- 28
Class council 3 years, varsity lacrosse 3 years, CSF, work experience, all AP/honors this year, and all AP/honors junior year except for one class, JCL officer. </p>

<p>I don't get it. My friend said I could have possibly been overqualified?
Should I try to appeal?</p>

<p>KMATHC, I think it's mostly a numbers game and random luck of the draw, with minority race coming into play. You aren't overqualified.. I'm pretty sure that's impossible with the applicants that SLO receives. Your raw numbers are very good, but I think those type of numbers are the range of most SLO applicants. I don't think SLO weighs much on your ECs either.. Fisher is probably right that they take minorities first in an attempt to diversify the campus. You can appeal, but I don't think an appeal is going to work out that well.</p>

<p>Fortunately, you have two great options in UCI and UCSB.</p>