Removing Class Rank

<p>My high school counselor has already submitted the school report with my class rank reported. However, my class rank is not particularly high (outside the top 10%) because I attend a small private school with around 50 students in my graduating class. I was wondering if there is any way for my counselor to be able to redo the school report so they can not include my class rank. Additionally, I was wondering how much my rank would hurt me.</p>

<p>Once the school report it submitted, the only way to make changes is in the Optional Report. In your case the cat is out of the bag on your rank, so disclosing rank can’t be undone. Some schools take rank into consideration in admissions and other don’t, so the impact of this disclosure depends on where you apply.</p>

<p>Thanks! That’s such a shame. If anyone else had any input that would be appreciated.</p>