Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2025 ED EA

Haven’t seen a thread for RPI 2025 ED/EA acceptance yet. Wanted to start one. Have any EA/ED applicants heard back yet?? DS applied EA for computer science; applied in Sept. Hoping for good news soon!

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Best of luck to all. My husband and I attended Renssealer many years ago and loved our time there. Now our son is applying there EA. Best of luck to everyone who is applying. If you have any questions about Rensselaer, I’d be happy to answer if I can.

Good luck. We have an ED via Candidate’s choice app and the individual portal provided shows decision Dec 12. You should have received a link to setup. My understanding is that all ED/EA applicants will be notified at the same time. There is also a checklist on the portal, so make sure all of your items are received by admissions. The admissions office is also actively posting on Instagram.

Any decisions from RPI ED Applicants?

Does anyone know the EA results date?

January 30th, Hoping they choose to do it a little earlier

Even though EA applies before EDII, EDII is notified earlier. EDII application deadline was 12/15. So they won’t announced EA until after EDII.

My daughter is an RPI Medalist, she applied EA, for Biomedical Engineering :crossed_fingers:.

DS (applied EA) portal said he was missing mid year grades. Our schools are not back in session and won’t send official grades until January 15. He uploaded unofficial and he is trying to get the official earlier.

Question is…does this mean he is being considered for deferred decision? The portal update offered the option to switch to RD if grades were not available. Is anyone else getting this?

My EA daughter also showed that grades were missing. Yesterday she received an email from Admissions asking her to either upload her 1st quarter/trimester/semester grades or send an email back if they were included on her transcript. She replied that her first quarter grades were on her transcript and they got back to her right away to say she was all set as far as submitting what she needed to. You might have her check her email just in case she missed it.

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@rideofmylife My son is also applying EA. RPI asked for the first marking period grades so that is what my son asked his counselor to send. No need to wait for the mid year grades.

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Thank you! His were not on the original transcript back in October when he applied because they didn’t exist yet. So now he has sent some unofficial from first semester and hopefully official soon. Thankfully his first semester grades will only help his applications. I hope he gets some good news soon! RPI seemed like a great opportunity. Best of luck to everyone!

@MisBee I think those are the same at our school…mid year is the first grade. Now I see where the confusion came from for admissions. Got it! Thanks!

My daughter got the email about missing grades this morning. She noticed that she needed to send them in before the winter vacation and requested her GC at school but was told that the school usually only sends mid year report card and not mid semester (first marking period). So, she sent a screen shot of her first whole semester grades today showing both the first and second marking periods and left a voice mail for the admissions office. They called her back within 30 min and also marked the 1st marking period grades as received. The AO sent her an email at 9:30 PM Central (10:30 PM EST). I really wish my child could go to this school, I am really impressed at how responsive they are and looks like they will provide a safe caring environment there.

Is anyone else whose kid applied EA, getting parental emails? My kid applied EA in November. I have received several emails this week. The emails say ‘look forward to working with you and your child’ and to contact them with any questions. One is for a session to learn more about my kid’s specific major. Fingers crossed that this is a good sign. Or maybe they are done with EDII and are focusing on EA. I’m taking it as a good sign. I started getting college community emails from some schools, weeks before my kid got their acceptance email.

Both she and I got an email from RPI on Saturday. Mine applied EA too. We received a lot of emails in Nov and midway thru December.

My child was nominated by her school and received the RPI Medal, I have a couple of questions about it. First does being nominated and receiving the award have any impact on admission? Two, what are the chances that you will get into your first choice major. TIA

I think my kid got emails before, but not me.

I’d hope they consider their medalist highly for acceptance and scholarship. Otherwise why did they award it?

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After reviewing their ED & EDII dates, it seems EA serves no purpose. EDII applies after EA, but is notified earlier. RD applies before decisions for EA.

EA allows the school to throughly review a larger pool of candidates, when deciding EDII. The college sees the first 2 quarter grades for EA & RD candidates, before their EA decision is made.

this is probably the quietest group on college conf. what’s going on everyone. decision date?

Haha I was just thinking the same! The rest of the EA threads have at least 10 people a day saying “today?” “I saw a sign!” “Portal changed!”. It’s funny. They must be solid for releasing on date promised. Good luck everyone