Repair or replace Bosch DW?

Trivial Q in these times. I have a 2013 800 series Bosch DW. The repairman from my home appliance service quoted $590 for parts. I barely use the DW, but I need to stick to one with similar dimensions, which would be Bosch or Miele. Cost would be double, I suspect.

I’m fortunate this is the kitchen least used, but I just hate shopping during this time.

The Bosch 100 series starts at around $500, less if you don’t want it in stainless. We have the 500 series and it was about $720 (although that was 2 1/2 years ago). Check out Abt’s website. Generally they’ll do even better than their listed price.

So, $590 for parts, plus service?

I’d buy a new one.

I replaced my dishwasher in the past year - prepandemic. Never stepped foot in the store. Just researched online, price, reviews and features. Scheduled deliver and the guys were in and out in about 30 minutes.

Most dishwashers are a standard size (unlike fridges), even Bosch, unless you have something different like dishwasher drawers.

Check to see if you can even buy one right now. My sister-in-law has been waiting over 3 months for a new dishwasher… (and I’m on five months waiting for my Bosch wall ovens!)

Thanks all. Heading out to look at big box stores, then to a fancy place where I got my fridge. I’ve heard of people waiting months, and I’d rather avoid that complication

I did think the Bosch were smaller than kitchenaid

I think dishwashers are standard size too.

Dishwashers are standard in dimensions except height. Our Bosch DW was an open box special that the original buyers couldn’t fit under their counter because the thickness of their laminate flooring made it too tall.

Replaced a KitchenAid DW with a Bosch about one year ago. Same size.

Our 2008 Miele was 1/2 inch slimmer than the 2000 Bosch it replaced. Thankfully, a couple of solid maple strips on both sides which I stained to match the cabinets fixed the problem. In 2017, replaced a Whirlpool with a Miele… same size. If your dw cavity was made for a skinnier one, then you would have a problem.

Bosch and many other dw are made to last 7-8 years. I would not spend $1000 to fix an old dw ($590 parts, plus $300 or so labor, I assume, plus tax). I would put that money towards a new Miele. At the fancy store, we were told that lower end appliances are hard to come by and take forever, but a $10K Subzero could be had within a week. I suspect a $3K dw might be in stock. Good luck with your search.

I would not buy another Bosch if you have to replace one only after 7 years. My 20 years old Miele is running strong, dishes come out sparkling and no repair ever needed.

I’d give a Bosch ten years, and you can get a perfectly serviceable new one for that price. You can expect a Miele to run 30 years, (indecent testing companies can’t really tell because even if they run a model 24/7 it will be long outdated before they can pronounce on it) but you do pay for those and the question would be, for me, are you the type of person who likes keeping stuff for 30 years. I am, but still balked at the price when we moved last year, and got the Bosch that tested best on Amazon for a little more than the repair price you were quoted.

I had a 20 year old KitchenAid DW before I had to replace in the past year.

However, I just don’t think that they are making appliances to last like they were 20 years ago. At least, that’s what my appliance repair guy has told me.

I just replaced Fisher and Paykal dishwasher drawers that were in our vacation place with a new Miele dishwasher. I waited about four months for the Miele—supply chain issues because of COVID. I think if you want a replacement dishwasher be prepared to wait if the model you want is not in stock.

20 years ago they were made to last 20 years. Now they only last 10.

You said this is the least used kitchen…I happen to like my Bosch. But I wouldn’t spend that amount to repair. I would buy new.

I’m sure you will find something.

Now I’m trying to remember what I actually meant to say, but “indecent testing companies” wasn’t it…I’m sure it was something that made sense when I typed it.

@Tigerle “independent”? I think indecent is more interesting. I know this isn’t that important, but since I recovered my password I felt the need to post something.

No appliances aren’t made like they used to but was at best buy with my sister in Michigan… They have Bosch dish washers

As mentioned by @momofsenior1… The cool people shop here[Brand]%20[SKW]%20General%20(Exact)&gclid=Cj0KCQjwt4X8BRCPARIsABmcnOrwNxpjsnlQClARTQudOhf4Zz53zVJGyxxP8MZZhWg83GXtxTIxe6gaAt3qEALw_wcB

They tend to have direct connections with these companies. Ask for Voula Ballas there btw. She’s great and goes beyond when needed.

One last thing. For that price it sounds like it’s the control board/timer. If it is then it might be worth it. This is like the brain to the machine. I had our Jenn Aire double oven one rebuilt for $180 in the suburbs local to me and put it in. Beats having to buy a new double oven and that was 4 years ago… Just a FYI.

OK just reread this. If that is parts only then no. As stated you can buy new for less

What are the symptoms @bookworm?

We just went through the same process. Our Bosch seemed to have died on exactly the 10 year mark. (I swear there was a built in demise timer). Repair company came out 3x thinking they fixed it each time. Finally they gave up (in my opinion), and said it needed a new heat pump for about $450-$500 installed. So, at first we first decided to go new. I would not spend that amount for a repair. Technician recommended Bosch or Kitchenaid.

But something bothered me about the recommended repair based on the symptoms. So we called a second repair company. They came and fixed the unit in 20 minutes. No parts needed.