Reporting AP scores

Should you self-report AP scores on college apps even if you have some not as good scores? S22 has taken 7 AP courses so far and has 5 5s (Calc BC, Physics M, Physics E&M, Gov, Micro) and 2 3s (Euro - would have been higher if they had full test last year, Lang). He is taking an additional 5 AP classes this year (Stats, French, Chem, CS, Psych). Last year his college counselor (who has since retired and has been replaced by someone brand new) said one 3 was okay, but to not get any more. He is planning in applying to Brown ED. Can you self report only some scores? Would you just not bother reporting? Thanks.

Yes, you get to choose the test scores you self-report on the application (Common or Coalition). You can also pay a fee to have CollegeBoard withhold a specific score for you when sending an official score report to colleges.

Hope that helps!

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You can update your Common App each time - so if you know Brown won’t take a 3 (and they won’t), leave it off if that will make you feel better.

Of course, if they know you took a class and didn’t report the score, they know your score wasn’t to the level you expected.

My guess is this won’t be held against you for reporting and a 3 is not bad. Most colleges give you credit.

So it’s up to you. But I think they’re more interested that you took the class, etc.

I agree to report the 5s, not the 3s, to the most selective schools.

Would you report 3s to the schools below the Ivys but still very selective, such as Bates, Hamilton, Skidmore, etc?

Look at each school’s policy. Skidmore requires a 4 for example…so no need to. But again, if you don’t, the school may wonder why you don’t.

I personally would of the ones you took b4 application. I don’t see it impacting the decision - but i can see why you wouldn’t. If a school accepts a 3, then of course send/report.

Thank you! I too am thinking the school may wonder why you don’t report and think the student got a 2 or even a 1. I guess it can go either way – a 3 doesn’t look great but it’s not as bad as them thinking it’s a 2.