Requirements of an Indian student (undergraduate)

<p>Hello guys ! I am an Indian student.
I have passed out from grade 12th and this is currently my gap year.
Earlier i wanted to apply to US universities but they are too expensive for me . So I am now considering Uk universities as i can afford them.
So i was wondering what are the average requirements for getting into some good universities (other than oxford and Cambridge) such as Edinburgh , Bristol , Manchester etc..
And yes , Will submitting my SAT scores improve my chances ? And do UK universities give importance to extra curricular or social services as universities in US do?
I want to study astrophysics course .</p>

<p>Hi there. UK Unis encourage applicants to take a gap year, but only if you use it ''well''. Generic volunteering and part-time jobs are not going to be of much help. Try doing something which is closely related to your course and/or demonstrates passion for your particular field of study. Also, UK unis generally give ECs little importance (unless you'r a national level something) and instead want to see how passionate and academically proficient you are for the course that you are applying to. SAT scores would probably not help, though no harm in taking and submitting if you get a high enough score (>2200 or so perhaps). Try taking AP courses, or look up AP International Diploma and see if you'r interested. I realize your post is really old and this reply may probably not be read, but I wish you all e best!</p>